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the secrets OF Top Affiliate Marketers, Offer Owners, and Affiliate Managers in the online marketing space.
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Affiliate Insider is the one and only comprehensive and engaging book geared toward marketers and business owners who want to accelerate their growth and productivity through tactical marketing efforts. It breaks down the basics of reaching success as an affiliate, a business owner, and an affiliate manager, and it acts as a guide for those who are seeking more abundance in their work via affiliate marketing.

Who is this book for? Marketers, business owners, affiliate marketers, affiliate managers, people in the direct response industry, and those aspiring to master the art of time and financial freedom. Men and women, ages 22-50, who are decently tech-savvy and want to level up.

ABOUT Anca Gita Andreica

Born and raised in Romania, Anca Gita Andreica received her Masters at UCLA. She continued on to become the CEO of MaxWeb Inc Affiliate Network. As a thought leader in the marketing industry and the host of the MaxWeb Inc Podcast, Anca Gita Andreica has spoken on stages around the world teaching professionals and entrepreneurs the secret to performance marketing. She's incredibly passionate about her work, and she juggles it all while also being a loving wife and mother to her sweet family.