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How to Create a Presell Page: A to Z Guide

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Beginners in the affiliate marketing industry need to learn about a lot of things that might be completely new to them. One of the most important things that newcomers miss are presell pages. These pages might sound like they aren’t something special, but their impact on your campaigns and sales is massive. 

A few great presell pages can completely change the way your campaign performs. Now that you know that these pages are nothing to scoff at, it’s time to learn what they actually are and how to make one yourself!


What Are Presell Pages

Presell pages are quite simple. They are customized landing pages that show up to your visitors before they are shown the actual product or offer. The concept is nothing new, and it's been around in one form or another from the beginning of online marketing. It goes by a lot of names. You may know it as pre-cart, pre-lander, bridge pages, or advertorials. 

It is important not to mix them up with landing pages. Presell pages are always landing pages, but landing pages don’t have to presell pages. The biggest difference is the goal of the pages. Unlike other forms of landing pages that focus on lead generation or selling a product. Most Presell pages have the goal of warming up the audience. Sales thought of them are not expected, but they do impact sales down the funnel! 

With presell pages you can expect to push a lot of indecisive customers to actually convert. 


Tips For Your Presell Pages

Creating a presell page can be split into a few easy-to-follow steps! But first, you need to know some basic knowledge that you need to use for your pages. 

Find the right topic for your product

Before creating the page itself, you need to find out what can help you sell your product. This is usually done by researching popular topics that closely relate to the product or service you are trying to promote. Do a bit of research on what people use your product for and with what it can help them. After finding a list of things that you can focus on, narrow your choice down even further. 

Brainstorm ideas that might make your copy stand out from the crowd. Try new and unique angles that might give you an edge. Remember, your presell page should slowly introduce your audience to your product or service. 

So start your copy with the common problem you want to solve. Write about what the possible solutions are. Mention how your product can help your audience with that. If you did everything right, your audience should react in the following way:

  • They see something that might interest them
  • They read about issues and solutions that they are familiar with
  • They see that there is a product that promises to solve the issue
  • They click on the link to the product and slowly go further down the conversion funnel 

Of course, this is a lot easier in theory. For you to make it you need to utilize a couple of techniques!

First of all, you will need a catchy headline! You need to capture the attention of your readers at a glance. You only have a few seconds as people are browsing through thousands of other titles. You need to stand out and lure them to read what you have to say. Some modern tactics are to use power words, open-ended questions, numbers, and a bit of mystery. 

Offer Value To Your Readers

Your readers need to have a reason to read through your copy and learn about what you need to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to offer value through your content. This value can be actionable, educational, entertainment, or inspirational. Whichever category you chose, you should know that you can mix and match things.

This also goes well with the previous tip. While researching for topics you should cover, try finding the questions that you can answer and help people that read. 

Take It Slow

 Presell pages are supposed to slowly introduce your audience to your product. A lot of newcomers think of it as another offer page or regular landing page. They force the product to the audience and most audiences just decide to bail on reading what you have prepared. 

This is the worst-case scenario and you should aim to avoid it at any cost. You should focus on offering a valuable and interesting piece of content first. And leave the product promotion for pages further down the funnel. Of course, you should mention what you are advertising, but not much except that. 

Social Proof

While this is borderline on doing too much for your presell page, it can still be very useful if done in moderation. People are social beings. They follow what others do and they try finding validation for their actions wherever they go. For this exact reason, it is important to show some sort of social proof that your product or service actually does what you say it does. This should be done in moderation and as subtly as possible.

For getting that social proof you can try a couple of things. Send your products to people or influences to review and post about. Find celebrities in your niche to promote your product. Try getting a name drop by a publicly acknowledged source. Or try any other method of gaining social proof. It’s completely up to you!


How To Create Presell Pages

Most presell pages are created via some sort of online tool. The reason behind it is speed and convenience. While you can code a page for this use case, most affiliates just chose not to. They want to save some time and every minute matters. 

If you make your own presell pages, get inspired by what others are doing. Mimic their layouts, styles, and CTAs. With some practice, you should learn the best practices by feeling and you won’t have to copy anyone’s work. You will need a bit of coding knowledge, but nothing you need a degree for! 

If you want to create a presell page and save time by using online tools, here are some of the best ones online!

  • WordPress (and its addons)
  • ClickFunnels
  • OptinMonster
  • MailChimp
  • Wix
  • Leadpages
  • Squarespace
  • GetResponse
  • And many others

These tools can help you create your perfect presell pages in mere minutes. The advantage of doing it through this method is that you will get fast and good-looking results without having to do any heavy lifting yourself or hire additional people to do anything. 

You should remember that any service that can make a landing page can make a presell page as well. If you remember, the only difference is the style and content. The form is basically the same. As a beginner, you should try using only free tools until you get a foothold in the industry. As you grow, so will your knowledge. 

You will slowly learn what limitations each of your tools has, and then you can upgrade accordingly. 

The process is mostly the same for any platform. You create a new campaign. Choose what theme, template, or style you want to use. Change your text and creatives accordingly Add your redirect links and URLs so that audiences can go further down the funnel. And the last step, launch! It’s all very simple and we seriously doubt anyone will have issues with this. 

If you don’t like any of these choices, you can always hire a marketing agency to do all of the work for you. Yes, you will pay them a lot more than you would for the services, but they will make sure that your pages are as good as possible, without having to spend a lot of time yourself. 


Summarizing Things

Making presell pages is nothing complicated. If you ever made a lander, this should be pretty much the same thing. While there are some small differences, most things should be awfully similar. If you are unsure what to do and how to do it, you can use online tools to help you out. Most of these tools will allow you to create incredible landing pages and presell pages in just a few minutes. 

You can have everything you need in no time! You can even find a lot of completely free services that can help you start your campaigns off on the right foot. 

Presell pages are an incredibly valuable tool that can help with any affiliate marketing campaign. You will increase your conversion rates, customer retention, and hopefully your profits. Presell pages are easy to make and the benefits of them are incredible. 

Have you used presell pages in your campaigns? Did they work as expected? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!