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  1. Send website visitors to your dedicated affiliate link. Everytime a customer places an order through your affiliate link, a commission is credited to your account. We keep a running balance of all your commissions and pay them to your bank account automatically.

  2. By default, payments are processed once a week (every Wednesday). Below are the payout dates and the required monthly earnings to qualify:

    • Weekly - every Wednesday (default, if revenue falls below $15,000 a month)
    • Twice a week - every Monday and Wednesday (revenue is between $15,000 and $29,999 a month)
    • Three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (revenue of $30,000+ a month)

    Read more here

  3. We support payments by Payoneer, Check, ACH Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer. If you are a US citizen, we require your Tax ID or SSN for tax purposes.

  4. Login to your account
    • Click on your name on the top right
    • Select Payment Details

    Payment Details

    • Select your payment method and update all the required details
    • Hit Save

  5. While browsing the Campaigns page, you will notice the “Promote” or “Apply to promote” buttons.


    The offers with a “Promote” button are available for traffic instantly, and you can easily sign up by clicking the “Promote” button and following the quick steps for signing up.

    The offers listed with an “Apply to promote” button have been whitelisted, so you will need to gain approval before starting your promotions. Press the “Apply” button and reach out to us via Skype if you don’t hear back within 48 hours. Our Skype ID is live:affiliates_175

  6. While browsing the Campaigns page, you will notice the View Restrictions Button

    Here you can finds all the details about the offer:
    Conversion Rate
    Product Price
    Allowed traffic sources and GEOs 

    If the offer is already approved on your account, you can see the restrictions with your affiliate links:

  7. To find your affiliate link, please follow these steps:

    Login to your affiliate account
    • Click on the name of the offer you want to promote from your dashboard
    • On the Dashboard page you will find the “Your Affiliate Links” box on the right

    Payment Details

    • Copy your affiliate link from your account, and save it so you can use it in your promotions

    Important: The Commission Plan you are on (your payout) is clearly displayed in this section.

  8. Access an updated list of our top performers by visiting our Campaign Page.
    You can Press on the Conversion Rate or Earnings by Click columns to get the descending or ascending order.

    We encourage you to ping us on Skype so we can give you the best recommendations for your traffic source and preferred promotional method. Our Skype ID is live:affiliates_175

  9. • Make sure you are logged in to your affiliate account
    • Go to the Campaign Page
    • Press on the "View Resources" button next to the offer


  10. To confirm the Commission Plan you are on (your payout), please follow these steps:

    Login to your affiliate account
    • Click on the name of the offer
    • On the Dashboard page you will find the “Your Affiliate Links” box on the right
    • Payout is displayed in parentheses beside offer name:

    Affiliate Payout

  11. Your Affiliate ID is different for each offer. Once you login, you will see your preview dashboard. Pick the offer you are preparing your campaign for and go to the "Your Affiliate Links" section. Your Affiliate ID is already included in your Affiliate Link, like this:

    MaxWeb Offer Links


  12. The affiliate backoffice provides you with a real time view of the total unique visitors you generated, how many of them converted to new customers and the list of products each customer purchased. We believe in full transparency and let you see the complete list of customers you referred and how they interacted with the site.

    You can also track sales by SubID, Geo and Product.
    Affiliate Payout

  13. 1. Login to your affiliate account
    2. On the main dashboard, click on any of the offers you are promoting
    3. On the offer window, you can see your AM details on the top right side, under "Your account Manager" section:

    Account Manager

  14. To add a postback URL, follow these steps:

    Login to your affiliate account
    • Select the product promotion you want to track by clicking on the product name in the listing on your affiliate dashboard
    • Click on Settings
    • Select “Postback pixels” from the options along the top of the module


    • Press “Add New” and enter your postback URL information and save changes

    We support the following dynamic variables:
    {SUBID} =
    SubID used when referring this visitor
    {SUBID2} =
    SubID2 used when referring this visitor
    {SUBID3} =
    SubID3 used when referring this visitor
    {SUBID4} =
    SubID4 used when referring this visitor
    {SUBID5} =
    SubID5 used when referring this visitor
    {ORDERID} =
    Unique order ID
    Product code associated with this purchase
    Commission amount

    For example:{SUBID}&orderid={ORDERID}&amount={COMMISSION_AMOUNT}&product={PRODUCT_CODENAME}

    Important: Make sure your script echos something upon successful completion. If we receive no output from your script, we will assume it failed and keep calling it for up to three days.

  15. Or read our written guide below

    When you’re initially approved as an affiliate with MaxWeb Inc, the first thing you’ll need to do is complete our verification process. Once you're verified you can begin accessing campaign links and promoting our offers.

    To do this, you'll first need to log in and click Promote or Apply to Promote on any of our offers. This will bring you to the verification page. ( Or, simply follow this link: )

    Clicking this will bring you to the verification page shown below.

    First, select the country you reside in and the type of identification you would like to use. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or government issued ID card.

    You will then be prompted to either use your computer's webcam to take a photo of the ID of your choice, or continue this process on your mobile phone if you’d prefer.

    If you choose to continue on mobile you’ll be shown a QR code to access the verification portal or you can have a link to the portal emailed to you. For this example we’ll scan the QR code and continue on our mobile device using a driver’s license.

    Step 1: Front of driver’s license. Click start, snap a photo of the front of your license and submit.

    Step 2: Back of driver’s license. Click start, snap a photo of the back of your license and submit.

    Step 3: Face verification. Center your beautiful face within the oval and the scanner will automatically detect your face and complete this process.

    You’re done! Not so bad right?

    You’ve now completed the verification process and will be verified within 2 business days (usually much sooner).

  16. Your first payment with MaxWeb Inc is an important one! We know how exciting it is to see sales coming in on a new campaign.

    Your first payment with MaxWeb Inc will be held for 30 days from the date of your first sale with us.

    On top of this 30 day holding period, you will also need to accumulate 5 unique sales per campaign you’re running with us as part of the initial payment.

    After you’ve reached 5 sales (per campaign) and the 30 day period has passed, your payments will automatically start generating and be paid out thereafter every Wednesday on a weekly basis. (Keep in mind: We also pay up to 3x a week for high volume affiliates!)

    Why do we have this rule? This 30 day & 5 sales rule is nothing personal, and is in no way meant to hinder your efforts to scale with us. This rule was put in place to help prevent the MaxWeb Inc affiliate program from being a target for fraudulent activities.

    If you have any specific questions regarding your first payment with MaxWeb Inc, please reach out to your AM or send an email to:

  17. Your data safety is our top priority, and we're excited to share that we've added a new feature—2FA—to enhance the security of your MaxWeb Inc Backoffice account. ⚙️ ⚙️

    To access your MaxWeb Inc Affiliate account, please follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to

    2. Enter your login details and click the "Log in" button

    3. Download a mobile authenticator app on your mobile phone (e.g., Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, or Authy)

    4. After installing the app, launch it and tap the "Add Account" button. Choose the type of account you want to add. (Screenshots are from the Microsoft Authenticator)

    5. Scan the QR code displayed on the MaxWeb Inc Login page using the Authenticator App (IMPORTANT : do not refresh the page after you added the account, if you refresh the page the QR code will change and the code in your app will be invalid for the new QR code displayed)

      *This QR code is just for tutorial, please use your unique one

    6. Enter the 6-digit code generated by the app into the empty field on the page above

      *This Login code is just for tutorial, please use your unique one

    7. Click "Verify 2FA Code"

    If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out any time, we are always here for you.