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    How do I make money with this program?

    Send website visitors to your dedicated affiliate link. We have a carefully tested process in place to convert anonymous website visitors, to paying customers. Everytime a customer places an order on our website, through your affiliate link, a commission is credited to your account. We keep a running balance of all your commissions and pay them to your bank account automatically.

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    How often do I get paid?

    By default, payments are processed once a week (every Wednesday). Below are the payout dates and the required monthly earnings to qualify:

    •Weekly - every Wednesday (default, if revenue falls below $15,000 a month)
    •Twice a week - every Monday and Wednesday (revenue is between $15,000 and $29,999 a month)
    •Three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (revenue of $30,000+ a month)

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    Which payment options are supported?

    We support payments by Payoneer, Check, ACH Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer. If you are a US citizen, we require your Tax ID or SSN for tax purposes.

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    How can I track my performance?

    The affiliate backoffice provides you with a real time view of the total unique visitors you generated, how many of them converted to new customers and the list of products each customer purchased. We believe in full transparency and let you see the complete list of customers you referred and how they interacted with the site.

    You can also track sales by SubID, Geo and Product.

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    Can I use a custom parameter (also known as subid) to track my different campaigns?

    Yes! SubID tracking is fully supported. Simply add &subid=something to your affiliate links, replacing "something" with a short text identifying your traffic campaigns. All stats will then be grouped by the SubIDs you pass to us.