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Payment Method & Frequency for Affiliates

MaxWeb Inc is proud to offer an unmatched selection of supported payment methods, along with fast payments - up to *three* times a week!

By default, payments are processed once a week. Below are the payout dates and the required monthly earnings to qualify:

  • Weekly - every Wednesday (default, if revenue falls below $15,000 a month)
  • Twice a week - every Monday and Wednesday (revenue is between $15,000 and $29,999 a month)
  • Three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (revenue of $30,000+ a month)

You can control the frequency of payments under the affiliate backoffice. In case you prefer to be paid once every other week, or once a month, you can control that under the "Payment Delay" section.

Supported payment methods and associated fees:

  1. Check (US only, FREE)
  2. ACH (US only, FREE)
  3. Wire transfer ($40 fee)
  4. Payoneer (FREE)

Whenever a payment is processed, you will receive an email, letting you know that payment is on the way.

Please note that payments are processed once the Commission(s) earned hit $100 or more.

Pay Period End Time

For accounts receiving payments weekly - every Wednesday, pay periods end at 12:00am EST the previous Wednesday.

For accounts receiving payments twice a week, the pay period for Monday's payment ends at 12:00am EST on Wednesday, and for Wednesday's payment at 12:00am EST on Friday.

For accounts receiving payments three times a week, the pay period end times are the same as for twice a week payments, and one additional period end date on Sunday at 12:00am EST for Friday's payout.

Processing Time

  • Check payments take 5-10 business days to arrive to your mailbox. Check payments are only supported in the United States.
  • Wire transfers take 1 business day to clear in the United States and 2-3 business days to clear for International wires.
  • ACH transfers take 2 business days to clear in the United States.
  • Payoneer payments take 3 business days to show up in your Payoneer account.

Missing Payments

MaxWeb Inc understands the importance of cashflow and getting your money deposited to your bank account as soon as possible. We process a high volume of payments every week and in the majority of cases, payments show up in beneficiary account on schedule.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there are payment delays and misplacements due to circumstances outside of our control. If a scheduled payment has not arrived on time, then please contact our payments team at They will be happy to help you and ensure that you receive your payment.

Payment Threshold

You can set a minimum payment threshold amount within your affiliate account to avoid paying processing fees, unless your payment is above a configured number. If you see "Threshold" under your payments screen, it means the system blocked issuing a payment to you, because the amount was below the configured threshold.

Payment Threshold is initially limited to 30 days delay from first commission earned. Within 30 days from earning the first commission, you will have the option of adjusting the payment threshold to your preference.

Initial Payment

MaxWeb Inc will withhold payment of any balance (regardless of the indicated Threshold) until the first commission earned by an affiliate is more than 30 days old.

In addition, you must have five (5) unique purchases per offer as part of our Initial Payment requirement.

This requirement is in place to protect MaxWeb Inc Affiliate program from fraudulent activity.

Your account will then generate payments automatically, in accordance with our Payment terms, beginning with the next scheduled pay period.


As an affiliate network, we are bound by AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules and are required to verify all beneficiaries we send payments to. Before we can send your first payment we must verify your identity. Please follow the steps in the backoffice, to upload your government ID and get verified.

Quick Steps:


MaxWeb Inc will not be liable to pay or reimburse Affiliates in any way for a Payable Action that is incomplete, invalid or generated by fraud.

Proper proof provided by MaxWeb Inc will offer reasonable evidence to demonstrate why certain actions were deemed incomplete, invalid, or fraudulent.

Not Following Traffic Restrictions

MaxWeb Inc will not be liable to pay or reimburse Affiliates in any way for traffic that doesn’t follow the clearly noted restrictions, under each offer.

Proper proof by MaxWeb Inc will be provided in these instances, where we find that traffic restrictions are not being followed.


All email traffic must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. We have ZERO tolerance for SPAM and MaxWeb Inc will not be liable to pay or reimburse Affiliates in any way for Spam Traffic.

Affiliate Commission Plan

CPA (Pay Per Customer): Affiliates earn a one-time-fee per every paying customer, as soon as the customer places the first order. Whether a customer placed one order or many, affiliates are only paid once per each unique customer.

Affiliate Determination

MaxWeb Inc utilizes a "last touch" affiliate referral system. The last affiliate referral link a customer clicked on, prior to placing an order, will count towards crediting a commission to the referring affiliate. The cookie lifetime is set to 90 days.

Any decision made by this system is final and not subject to petition or appeal. Though we believe our tracking system to be more fair and accurate than any alternative, we make no representation regarding the ability of the system to track any specific customer, for any specific length of time.

W9 Form

U.S. based affiliates earning over $600 are required to have a taxpayer ID number linked to their account.

The taxpayer ID number input in the account must match the payee listed on the account. This means:

  • If you have a business name as the payee, you must input the EIN into your account that matches the payee. Be sure to use the proper 9-digit format including dashes: 12-3456789
  • If you have an individual name as the payee, you must input the SSN into your account that matches the payee. Be sure to use the proper 9-digit format including dashes: 123-456-789
  • If you are utilizing a business name but reporting under an individual SSN, you will need to provide an IRS form W-9 to us.
  • If you are a foreign citizen utilizing a US address, but a beneficial resident of a different country, you will need to provide us with an IRS form W-8BEN.

Subject to Change

MaxWeb Inc reserves the right to change payment terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.