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Zemanta 101 – All You Need To Know

Become an Affiliate

Adapting to the ever-changing affiliate marketing landscape is hard. You always need to find the newest technologies, tools, and methods that can help you gain an edge over the competition. Even if you find a product that you might need, finding the one that perfectly fits your needs can be hard. This is why you should always research to find the best tools for your tasks. 

Online marketers recently started utilizing DSPs a lot more than previously. These tools provide a lot of benefits that can make a huge difference in how some campaigns work. There are a lot of different DSPs available, but not all of them are great. One of them is rapidly gaining popularity and support and its name is Zemanta, and here is what you need to know about it!

What Is A DSP?

Demand Side Platforms or DSPs are automated buying platforms. These are used by advertisers and agencies to buy ad inventory. These might include anything from banners, in-stream videos, or other forms of creatives for websites, mobile app ads, or other forms of ads. These DSPs are usually integrated into ad exchanges and they make all of this easy for ad buyers. 

What Is Zemanta?

If you are well versed in affiliate marketing then you probably heard about the company Outbrain. Outbrain is one of the biggest companies in all of the affiliate marketing and their name carries a lot of weight behind it. 

Zemanta is a native advertising company that focuses on offering DSP services for its users. It offers ways for businesses to optimize bids, target audiences, monitor publisher performances, and much more.  It has been owned by Outbrain since 2017. In that time it managed to grow into one of the biggest demand-side platforms in the industry. The team behind Zemanta managed to pioneer a lot of features and innovate in different ways. 

Why Native?

Zemanta focuses mostly on Native ads, and there are good reasons for it. The marketing world has changed a lot over the years. Some older tactics have faded into obscurity and new things have come to the forefront. One of the things that are still growing in popularity is native ads. 

As people are getting more and more fatigued with regular ads, they are starting to ignore them and block them. This is where native ads come to the rescue. These types of ads are made to fit in seamlessly with the content already available on the website it advertises on. This makes the ad look “native” to it and fits perfectly in. 

This type of content is highly engaging and usually provides users with detailed information about the offer itself. These ads don’t feel like regular ads. They feel much more detailed, informational, and they force users less to convert. Most people prefer this approach of advertising and this is why platforms like Zemanta are expecting to grow massively soon. 

What Makes Zemanta Unique?

Zemanta has a lot of things that set it apart from competing services. One of its services, called the Zemanta One (Z1), is considered to be the world’s first multi-channel DSP built for performance. 

Z1 is built around the idea of helping advertisers generate positive outcomes. This can be any of the following: views, visits, leads, or conversion. All of those then get tracked specifically and users can get detailed data referring to it. The data collected is run through machine learning AI algorithms that try to extract valuable information out of it. All of this works flawlessly without cookies or targeting. All Z1 needs is context and semantics. 

The AI engine can also predict how valuable each of the impressions is. This is done by comparing impressions and determining the value of impressions specifically for each advertiser, campaign, and creative type. This advanced AI system helps minimize CPC and helps you acquire traffic most cost-effectively. 

Targeting results for audiences and impressions are similar to other DSPs, but unlike others, Z1 utilizes AI to future-proof its ways. Through this innovative approach, Zemanta hopes to stay on top and even grow its lead as the top DSP in the coming years. 

In addition to all of this Zemanta also incorporates web analytic data and automates campaigns management and bidding. This alone can help affiliates run campaigns more efficiently, scale more, and lower their costs. 

This type of data analysis and optimization works across all of their programmatic advertising campaigns. Zemanta is seamlessly integrated into Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. This enables its users to bid using varying goals and save time and money by using more advanced platforms and tools. They also specialize in post-click behavior optimization and much more. 

What Type Of Ads Does Zemanta Cover?

Native Ads

Zemanta uses targeted, highly engaging, and non-interruptive ad experiences for native advertising. It manages to do this across more than 50 native ad exchanges. 

Display Ads

Display ads still have a lot to offer in 2022, and Zemanta knows it. The DSP allows users to run Display ads in trusted environments where you can focus on performance and branding. Zemanta also utilizes methods to help you measure your results easily and without trouble. 

Native Video Ads

Video ads are the next big thing. Most platforms are focusing mostly on them, and they are still constantly growing in popularity. Native video ads have proven to be incredible for increasing engagement rates. These video ads blend in seamlessly with the page content. Z1’s bid optimization tech finds the ideal audiences across its inventory. 

Things You Need To Know Before Starting With Native Ads On Zemanta

Zemanta is a very approachable platform and it shouldn’t be hard to get started working with it. After you create your account, set everything up properly, and get some money ready to run ads, it is time to get started with your first native ad.

1. Make sure your targeting is on point

Targeting the right customers is always tricky. Try finding the ideal audience for your products or services and then find ways to target them across channels, devices, and GEOs. Your campaigns are only as worth as the customers you manage to attract, so give it your best to get the right people to your offers. 

2. Content management is important

Content marketing is a valuable asset to utilize. Not all content is great, so finding the perfect formula to enrich your content should be a priority. Native ads use images, headlines, summaries, videos, and much more within themselves. So you have a sizable toolset to ensure that your content is as engaging as possible. The better you do this the more people you will attract. 

3. Post-click metrics shouldn’t be ignored

Impressions, clicks, and CPCs are valuable metrics to have for traffic acquisition. However, the best way to measure the success of your campaign is by tracking engaged users and leads. This is usually done through third-party tools like Google Analytics or conversion pixels. This data can give you valuable data and help you understand what drives engagement and conversion and what doesn’t. 

4. Optimize and test everything

Testing, testing, testing… In online marketing testing is everything. It gives you the knowledge and it can help you optimize your campaigns. Native is no different. Checking your metrics properly and then testing various approaches to find the best one is something every marketer should do. Try all sorts of things and systematically do A/B testing to ensure that your way of doing things works the best. 


There are many DSPs to choose from. Finding the right one might need some research, but the result should be a DSP that fits your needs. One of the most used DSPs right now is Zemanta. It is flexible, easy to use, and it offers incredible features that set it apart from most of the competition. 

Zemanta’s services like Z1 can offer some massive advantages and help you make your campaigns more profitable and more engaging. Its AI is incredibly capable, and it has been proven time and time again to be accurate and reliable. 

Have you tried out Zemanta or other DSPs? What was your experience with it? Share your knowledge with us in the comment section below!