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How to Make Money With Native Ads & Maxweb Offers in 2023

Become an Affiliate

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to make money with native ads, including where to get offers and how to get your ads on premium placements.

MaxWeb is a great option for affiliate marketers because they pay weekly and have a lot of information on the offers that you can run here. Once you choose an offer, you can get even more information such as email swipes and good headlines that you could potentially use in your ads. All of these things can be used in your ad campaigns or to inspire new ideas.

Get Offers that Work Well with Native Ads

One of the best networks for video sales letter-style offers is the Max Web network. They have a wide range of offers that go well with a mass appeal audience. Look for offers in areas such as weight loss, pet care, diet and fitness, and skin and beauty. MaxWeb pays weekly and provides a lot of information on the offers you can run.

Watch the Video and Create a Landing Page

Watch the video on the offer page to get ideas for headlines, angles, descriptions, and images that you can use in your advertising. Once you have the offer chosen, create a landing page to track people when they come from your native ad.

Discover Ad Ideas and Placements

Use tools like Adplexity to discover where people are running these types of offers and get ideas for your own ad designs and copy. Spy on your competitors and see the creatives that they are using. However, it's important not to copy exactly what others are doing. Use it as inspiration and put your own spin on it.

Test, Optimize and Track Your Campaigns

Test multiple ad variations and placements to see what works best. Native ads can be placed on a variety of websites and platforms, so it's important to test and optimize your campaigns to get the best results. Use tracking tools like Voluum or Thrive to track your campaigns and analyze your data.


Making money with native ads involves finding the right offers, creating effective landing pages, coming up with creative ad ideas, and testing and optimizing your campaigns. With the right strategies and tools, it's possible to generate significant revenue from native advertising. 

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