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MaxWeb Offer: South Beach Skin Lab
CPA: The CPA started at $70 and with more volume was raised to $80
Traffic source: RevContent
Targeted region: United States
CPC Bid: I started with a bid of $0.35 and adjusted bids according to the performance of the placements


Why Revcontent?

I was very new to Native when I started with this campaign. My main goal for this campaign was to learn the ropes of the format while still being able to make some money. Revcontent was recommended to me by my MaxWeb Account managers.

I chose RevContent as my traffic source mainly due to being able to get campaigns approved easily as compared to other stricter traffic sources. Also, after using Adplexity I saw this particular campaign working really well on the platform and I wanted a piece of the pie as well.

First Steps

My first step was to explore Adplexity and download all the creatives and landing pages for this particular offer. Usually, when you see something running on the platform for multiple days it means that the offer is working well for the advertiser, or they wouldn't be running it for a long time. 

After downloading the landing pages I decided to clean them and installed my tracking pixels and tracking links. I decided to split test the ripped lander with a variation of my own. Your aim should always be to copy working funnels and make them better!

I had a chat with my account managers at MaxWeb as well to figure out the top states for the offer. This helped me reduce my testing costs since I would be focusing on the top states only.

The Process

After talking to the traffic source managers about their content policy, I uploaded the creatives to the platform. I had a bit of help from the traffic source manager who placed a blacklist on my campaign which filtered out the bad placements based on their historical data and also advised me to start with Desktop traffic. There’s plenty of mobile traffic but the spending on Native networks for mobile is usually quite fast and can drain your budget in minutes! Desktop bids are higher but the spend is usually at a slower pace and gives you time to optimize your campaigns. To achieve true scale though, you need to shift to mobile once you get a proper hang of the platform

With the help of MaxWeb account managers, I placed an “initiate checkout” pixel before the payment page which gave me more data points to optimize the campaign. Generally, I was getting 1 sale in about 3 “initiate checkouts” this allowed me to optimize widgets based on cost per initiate checkout and greatly reduced my testing costs

Results and conclusion

This was my first profitable Native campaign and I learned a lot from it. I understood the platform through this campaign and it set me on my way to launching multiple campaigns in the future.

The final results were :

Spent: $14599.34

Revenue: $19390

Profit: $4790.66

Total Orders: 248

As I said before it was my first profitable Native campaign and I learned a lot about bidding for placements, keeping your creative CTR high to keep your bids low, constant testing and improving your campaign, etc, etc.

The number one "trick" to have profitable campaigns on Native traffic sources is optimizing based on placement performance. 

In my experience, with other ad formats, you do not have to play around with bids as much as Native Ads. 

Although my campaign bid was $0.3 overall, in some of the placements I was bidding over $1.5 and in some placements, I was bidding $0.05. So you can see the difference in bids based on placements.

It all depends on the EPC of the particular placement. You have to try and make sure that your CPC is always lower than the EPC. To this day, I am using the placements I gathered from these campaigns to run other campaigns and they are basically my assets now! Once you have profitable placements on Native ads you will most likely be able to test different campaigns on it and squeeze profit out of them for months or even years!