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What Is Brand Bidding and Why It's Mostly Not Allowed

🤔Ever wondered what brand bidding is and how it affects affiliate campaigns?📉

The answer to this is simple.🙋‍♂️ Brand bidding is a tactic where advertisers try to target keywords of competitors to gain an advantage or even sabotage others! ❗

💥This is often frowned down upon in the industry and most networks have some rules preventing it. 🚫

CPA vs CR vs EPC – What Is Most Important When Looking at the Health of the Campaign?

Determining the health of your campaign can be a daunting task that even the most experienced affiliates struggle with! 🚑😱

🔎What is the best factor to determine campaign health, CPA, CR, or EPC? Well, in a way, all of them!💸

Learn what is unique about all of them👓 and how to determine campaign health the best by using these and other metrics!📈 Read through our new article on our Blog page and learn everything you need to have great campaigns!🚀

Google Ads Tutorial - How To Promote CPA Offers on Google Ads

Cost Per Action marketing is a popular model of affiliate marketing in which commissions are paid out to the affiliate upon completion of specific actions. These actions can vary drastically and be very easy or extremely hard. Depending on the difficulty, the payment you can get from a single CPA offer can vary drastically.

Splash Pages Vs Landing Pages - What You Need To Know!

Affiliate marketing is always implementing the newest developments in the industry. If you are in the industry, you are probably going to use a vast array of new methods and strategies to improve your campaigns. Staying constantly in the loop can be hard and sometimes even the best affiliates need to do some catching up.

How To Set Up a Campaign on Facebook (from an Affiliate perspective)

Facebook is probably the biggest advertising platform on the web. If you want to make sure people see your campaign, Facebook is probably the right place for you. Similar to other social media, Facebook isn’t great for all kinds of content.

Why Health and Fitness is a Strong Niche in 2021

Succeeding in affiliate marketing requires a lot of things to align up perfectly. You need to have the willpower to power through rough patches, you need to be able to learn new skills and adapt to new conditions, and you need to find the right niche. The affiliate industry is gaining members rapidly, and this in turn leads to a very competitive market.

PPC - All about making conversions with PPC traffic sources

Marketing is very competitive. If you want to stay on top of your game and ahead of the competition, you need to find every possible way to bring the most people to your campaigns, optimize them, lower the cost of running them, and increase your profit margins. All of this is much harder than it sounds. And doing these things effectively is the difference between the pros and beginners.

The 9 Best Affiliate Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow!

Finding the right tools for the job is always important. No matter what industry you are in, the right tools can help you gain an advantage. When it comes to competitive industries like affiliate marketing, this is even more important. Having the right tool for each situation can make a big difference.

The 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Change The Way You Work!

Affiliate marketing has changed a lot in the past decade. From humble beginnings to incredible heights. Compared to previous years, the industry is almost unrecognizable. This meteoric rise in competition, profits, and techniques created some of the most dedicated affiliate marketers out there.

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is beloved by affiliates and product owners. The owners love that their product is being marketed by a lot of people. The best part of it is that they only have to pay if their campaigns are successful.

Working With Affiliate Networks VS Directly With Offer Owners

Affiliate marketing is the new dropshipping. Everyone is trying to carve their own space in the industry and the competition is slowly getting insane. If you don't know already, affiliate marketing is a sort of online marketing.

RevContent - Native Source for Affiliates: How to get started

One of the biggest and best-performing native marketing platforms is RevContent. It serves some of the best content marketers including Forbes, NBC News, CBS, and many others. It is a trusted and sought-after ad network that sets itself apart with its performance and service. But what is RevContent, what makes it special, and how do you even use it? Let’s answer all of those questions right now!

Top Free & Paid Courses for Affiliates

Starting in affiliate marketing is far from easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to be competitive with the industry experts. Those who are in the industry for years or even decades know all the secrets to making their campaigns profitable. Going head to head with people who are well established in the industry is just insane. Newcomers simply lack the experience and know-how. This knowledge and experience can take years to learn, but there are ways to speed this process up!

What is a DSP and How To Start Buying Advertising For CPA Campaigns

Automation is everywhere. Today's cars drive themselves, your phone can do most things for you, and DSPs can buy ads instead of people. Yeah! How weird is that?!

Pinterest 101 as a Traffic Source

If you use the internet, you probably heard of Pinterest. It is a social media website that focuses heavily on images. Recently affiliates and other types of marketers started utilizing the platform for generic Traffic, and here is what you should know about it!

Youtube Ads - How To Create A Successful Campaign, Optimize, and Scale it

Google is a massive company with incredibly popular products. They are most famous for their search engine Google, which is the number one search engine worldwide. But do you know what's the second most popular search engine? It’s Google’s video platform YouTube! The platform boasts around 2 billion (that’s 2,000,000,000) visits each month worldwide. With such stats no wonder that the platform is incredibly good for businesses that are trying to capture customers’ attention.

Native Advertising 101 - Track, Optimize, and Scale for Beginners

Recently, native advertising has become extremely popular. Native ads are a low-cost way to advertise your goods and services and reach broad audiences. So let’s get you up to speed on what they are and how to use them!

The Dreaded iOS 14.5 Update Is Here, Is Marketing Dead Because of It?

For months digital marketers all over the web have been in panic mode due to the newest iOS update from Apple. Most were scared that they would lose business, profits, and eventually, go under. But now that the update is here and the dust has settled a bit, it’s time to ask. Is it that bad? And is there anything you can do to circumvent it?

What Are Pre-Landers And Why They Help Increase Conversions For Marketers

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly competitive environment. Affiliates search for even the smallest advantage they can gain over their competition. While some tiny optimizations are things that only pros know and use, there are bigger ones that everyone should use. One of the biggest and most effective ones are pre-landers. These pages get a lot of credit, to be honest. It is widely accepted that they can be incredible places to turn your random visitors into buyers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the search engine visibility of your site. In practice, this means that you rank higher on search results. Thus giving you better chances to get clicks and views.

A to Z Guide to TikTok Advertising For Beginners

TikTok isn’t all about the silly dances and funny skits. In recent years TikTok advertising has become a big industry that has great influence over the market. With around 800 million monthly active users and over 2 billion downloads, the short video social media platform has become incredibly popular. Depending on your target audience, TikTok ads might be an incredible platform for your business!

How to Pick The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Niche For You

Affiliate marketing has grown considerably in the past few years. You could even say it reached unprecedented heights. By some research, this growth trend is only gaining more and more traction. It's expected that the industry will expand even further. While this isn’t a bad thing by itself, it is bad for the individual affiliate. More and more people doing affiliate marketing means more and more competition. This competition is taking a piece of the cake for themselves.

How To Master Email Marketing And Convert More Readers Into Affiliate Revenue

Most marketers know that the real money is in the list — the email list, that is. Social media platforms can always clamp down on your reach and jack up the rates you’ll pay to run paid ads.

CPA vs RevShare Commission Payouts. Which one is better?

CPA and Revshare are both incredibly popular models that affiliates from all over the world use for their campaigns. Both of them have their ups and downs, and knowing what these are is very important. Some affiliates have made incredible wealth through each of them, and some even utilized both.

7 Powerful Headline Formulas to Convert More Affiliate Traffic Into Sales

The headline is often the most important line in any piece of copy or content. This is true for emails, blog posts, social media shares, landing pages, and even book titles.

Right now, many more people are sharing this article on social media than will ever actually read it. By the time you get to the end of this paragraph, about 40% of all people who did open this post (probably because of the headline) will be gone.

How Smart Affiliate Marketers Are Buying Traffic (And How You Can Capitalize On It)

As an affiliate marketer, you know you need to get your content in front of as many people as possible. You know how vital good Google rankings and loyal followers are.
You also know those things take time to build. You’re working on climbing the Google rankings. You’re building up followers through your site and keeping them. Unfortunately, it’s moving slowly.

The 7 Tips For Using Social Media In Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Social media are the biggest platforms for anything online related. If you want to promote, sell, or buy anything online, social media is your friend. For affiliate marketers, social media can also be a lucrative and great business opportunity. Affiliate programs are gaining in popularity and most of them can help you grow bigger and earn more money.

Integrate MaxWeb affiliate conversions in Google Analytics & Ads, Facebook Pixel with We Can Track

Because of all tracking capabilities that MaxWeb offers. We know that conversion tracking is helping thousands of affiliate publishers to better understand, analyse and optimize their performance. And now with our new integration, MaxWeb is offering affiliate publishers to automate their data collection and marketing tools integration.

The 6 Best Spy Tools Affiliate Marketers Should Use

Affiliate marketing is a very competitive space. New affiliates join each day, trying to create a name for themselves in this industry. Due to the high number of affiliates, the competition is fierce.

How to Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Using Product Reviews

Writing product reviews can be tricky. You don’t want to be too pushy, but you don’t want to lose your audience, either. Most people find a formula that’s middle of the road. You might have a formula like that yourself.

40 Proven Email Subject Lines That'll Help Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: How to Scale Facebook Ads Using These 5 Underrated Strategies

40 Proven Email Subject Lines That'll Help Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

12 Ad Networks You're Not Using (And Why Good Affiliate Marketers Might Be Light Years Ahead of You)

40 Proven Email Subject Lines That'll Help Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Looking to boost conversions and skyrocket your affiliate marketing?

40 Proven Email Subject Lines That'll Help Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

If you want to sell stuff online, you need an email list. Not only can email marketing produce $38 in ROI for every $1 you spend on campaigns but it also offers greater reach than any other channel — over 100 billion emails are sent every day.

Affiliate Marketing Basics: 4 Critical SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Rankings

There’s a saying in the world of search engine optimization (SEO): if you’re not on page 1, you might as well be invisible. Now, if you’ve never done any SEO work before, this simply means virtually all organic traffic from any Google keyword comes from the first page of search results.

How to Achieve Affiliate Marketing Success Using Instagram

Over one billion people use Instagram. It’s the largest image-focused social media platform in the world, and the third-largest multimedia platform in the world, behind Facebook and YouTube.

5 Affiliate Marketing Tricks For Making $500+ a Month in Passive Income

It’s always good to have money. It’s even better to get money without having to think about it too much. That’s the promise of passive income.

How to Start A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blog to Make More Money (And Grow Your New Business)

When you’re starting out in a new venture, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This is as true of affiliate marketing as it is for anything else. Not only are there hundreds (or even thousands) of products and services to sell as an affiliate, there are also many different channels to use to promote your affiliate offer.

One channel has held up over time. It’s been around longer than social media, offers more control over your promotions than pay-per-click ads, and gives you the best opportunities to be creative with your offers: blogging!

Top 5 Latest Affiliate Marketing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2021

Few marketing specializations require you to shift gears as often as affiliate marketing. Not only must affiliate marketers contend with the rapidly changing spectrum of digital marketing tools and platforms, they often have to deal with these changes while dodging unexpected policy changes from those tools and platforms.

Despite this changing landscape, affiliate marketing remains a promising way to generate income on your own terms — if you can stay ahead of the game.

The Rapid-Fire Affiliate Marketing Mastery Guide [NEW FOR 2020]

Affiliate marketing is big business. Today, about 15% of all digital ad spending promotes affiliate offers. Vendors with effective affiliate programs can generate up to 30% of their sales from affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to hone their marketing and product-selection skills. But affiliate marketing also has unique quirks, pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities.

15 Overlooked Sources of Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketers

How are you generating traffic towards your affiliate offers? If you’re like most affiliate marketers, you’ve tried running some paid ads on Facebook, buying space on Google Ads, and hitting up some Facebook groups or Instagram hashtags to get some of that sweet social media interest.

But did you know there are hundreds of major sources of traffic for affiliate marketers?

14 Facebook Ad Mistakes Most Beginners Make That Completely Kill Conversions

Stop wasting time and money on underperforming ads and read this article to write better ads and improve your conversion rates.

One minute, you’re on a roll. But, just two hours after hitting that button, you’re wondering why you even thought your ad was good. Every time you think you’re going to write the best one of all time, you check yourself now. You question whether you should just close Facebook Ads Manager and back away.

8 Tips to Boost your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is competitive and requires your constant attention.

Even with numerous areas for potential, you have to put in a lot of work. You have to constantly see what works best after trying several versions of the same thing, look for keywords in your niche, and study analytics to know where your highest quality traffic comes from.

A career in Affiliate Marketing – Advantages and The Future

You wake up early each morning, get dressed, and go to work.

Doing this for 5, sometimes 6, days a week can easily get frustrating.

Each day you have to attend meetings, work with frustrating seniors, and work until you’re completely exhausted.

Maybe, you ‘re doing the job just to get paid, and have little to no interest in it.

Or maybe, you daydream about moving up the ladder soon. Yet, the competition is tough - so even this you can’t be sure of.

This is one of many factors in why people turn to affiliate marketing.

Push Notification: How you can use Push to Increase your Affiliate Revenue

Push notifications can be a life saver, keeping you up to date with apps and updates you’ve chosen - and are important to you. You don’t allow push notifications for all the apps on your phone, or you’d get overwhelmed with notifications - I’m sure of it.

Notifications quickly grab your attention. Requesting you click on them to check out the offers.

That’s how easy and effective push notifications can be.

The New Normal - Adapting with Your Digital Marketing

We slept and woke up into a new world.

Suddenly, we realized that we can’t move freely as we used to. We have to be careful so that we don’t get sick. We have to work from home..

Since travels, vacations, retail, and recreations are now to be avoided, more people are now online and we facetime now more than we used to.

How to Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

“How do I find a profitable niche?”

This is a question that many new affiliate marketers ask. What’s affiliate marketing without making money? And to make money, one has to find a profitable niche to focus on and promote products.