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3 Affiliate Golden Rules to Take You from 3 Figures to 5 Figures Daily

Become an Affiliate
New affiliate marketers can be very excited that they make $500 a day, after all this is a lot of money by some standards. This excitement lasts till they realize that top affiliate marketers are putting in new strategies to scale from a $10,000 a day profit to bigger profits.

Funny world; more than $10,000 a day in affiliate marketing!

How then are the top affiliate marketers able to get to this stage?

The three golden affiliate rules answer this.

Imagine your affiliate marketing to be like an offline retail center. Your sales are tied to the foot traffic you get. Thus, you are constantly looking for how to improve your offers, retain your current customers, get new customers, and extend your influence via marketing.

The same principles apply to affiliate marketing. You want to boost your traffic. To achieve this, you provide quality content, make yourself an authority in the niche you target, and invest to get a wider audience.

Becoming a top affiliate marketer isn’t rocket science. It won’t happen in a snap; it will surely happen if you are willing to learn what has helped those at the top.

Here are the three golden affiliate rules:

Have the Winning Mindset

Winning Mindset
The number of blogs on the internet is almost innumerable.

You are sure of one thing: you are not the only one writing in your niche. You can be one of the many or become the leader of the many with the kind of mindset you have.

To make scaling easy for you, you need to be mentally wired to crush every challenge.

At the moment, you still make a 3-figure income daily. There is a tendency for you to be satisfied with the little amount. You are reluctant to step out of your comfort zone and break the income barrier.

The fact that a campaign didn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should give up on them. This is the time to go back to the drawing board, see what is wrong, draw up a new strategy, and fire again. You won’t be the first to face that challenge; why should you be the first to give up?

One way of developing this mindset is by reading.

You need to develop your mind. A developed mind makes for a good mindset. When you read, you exercise your mind. You build your mental muscles.

As an affiliate marketer, you are expected to know a lot about your niche. You are also expected to be able to make your content relatable to the everyday experiences of your audience. Reading gives you new perspectives and takes you through new experiences.

Another way of developing your mindset is by keeping fit.

Keeping Fit
Jim Rohn once said: Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.

Running a mile before getting to the day’s schedule lifts the mind. You are energized and confident to take on any challenge because you feel like a champion. You would have more positive energy to channel to new campaigns and extend your reach to new countries.

Always look forward to expanding.

Expansion should be a motivating factor for you. You are looking at increasing your income at a very high rate; you may not get that just sitting where you are. Look at the example of the retail outlet. To expand and increase revenue, you need to enter new areas and open new stores.

Don’t forget to celebrate your progress; even the small wins. Every progress is a step to another one. Celebrating your progress motivates you for a greater step.

Develop Healthy and Helpful Relationships

Healthy and Helpful Relationships
You can’t do it all alone. You need the best input from others. Your affiliate manager, your affiliate networks, your content developers, and every other actor in your supply system are very critical to your success.

You may handle a lot alone at the moment. You are still celebrating a 3-figure daily income and can’t put much outside. However, you need to spread out.

You should network with top affiliate marketers. They have been where you are and can mentor you to bigger stages.

More, there are better content developers. You can get richer and deeper content for your blogs. And they are not always expensive.

Just like in the retail outlet example, a retailer would have to develop healthy relationships with suppliers to extract the best deals and payment options from them.

How do you build relationships?

Simple! The internet has made everyone next-door neighbors. Look up top affiliate marketers and follow them. Many are often willing to help, depending on how you approach them. You are the one in need of help and guidance; you want to be on your best behavior.

Attend webinars and subscribe to their newsletters. Many of the top affiliate marketers, especially those who talk about affiliate marketing, look forward to replies and reactions. Utilize this opportunity.

Developing Your Content Strategy

To start with, you need a winning strategy.

You may have a campaign making you a 3-figure income daily and you want to scale by creating more campaigns. Yeah, you would make more but you may be missing out on some things.

Before you scale a campaign, you need to consider if you are getting a solid ROI on that campaign.

ROI means ‘Returns on Investment’.

This means you should look at how much you are putting in time, effort, and money into the campaign and the returns you are getting.

If you are not landing about a 50% ROI, you should consider scaling a different campaign.

It is better to have 5 campaigns with 80% ROI than 10 campaigns with a 20% ROI. However, check the volume. Some times, 20% may bring in more money than 80%.

You can squeeze profits by cutting some bad placements, improving targeting, having better ads, angles, and landing pages.

Scaling can be vertical and horizontal.

Vertical scaling is expanding campaigns on existing traffic sources.

You are optimizing present traffic sources to get more out of them.

You can bid higher on keywords to increase traffic. The higher you bid, the more the traffic.

Expanding to more countries is also a great way to scale. A campaign can be profitable in more than one country because of the similarity in culture and other factors. However, some aren’t. For instance, the same campaign would hardly work for Germany and Indonesia.

Thus, you should scale the same campaigns to countries with similar cultures and factors. For instance, the US and Canada have a lot in common.

Some campaigns can be profitable in numerous countries.

Note that several factors, especially culture and language, affect the profitability of campaigns.

You can also try new traffic types. On Facebook, try the news feed. Bid on keywords. Try some banner ads. See what works more for you.

Horizontal scaling is trying out new traffic sources.

You have used Google ads to generate traffic; you can use Facebook also.

With this, you are expanding and maximizing new traffic sources.

Own Your Content

Own Your Content
You need to understand the audience in the niche you are targeting.

According to Hubspot, 47% of buyers engage with 3-5 pieces of content before directly engaging with a company. This means that content is key to every affiliate marketing strategy.

Your content needs to be rich enough to make the audience want to read again and recommend to friends. This is the winning content.

Text, pictures, and videos must be engaging and focused on what you are discussing.

You should include links to similar contents of yours. Note that it is better if the links open in new tabs.

Here are a few pointers for your content:

Solution-oriented: is the content solving any problem? People buy solutions; you should provide it.

Provide answers to questions they may have. Don’t assume they have the answers. If they do, they probably wouldn’t visit your blog.

Research and granulate: the place of research cannot be overemphasized. Read and glean information from multiple sources. Then, break it down for your audience. Tailor it to their taste.

Be natural: you have a motive to market a product; do it organically. Make them see how the product you are marketing would solve their problems and may their lives easier.

Be friendly: your content should be written in a friendly and helpful way. It is best to interact as a friend to the reader. You are to be objective nonetheless but warmth should not be lacking.

Be careful with your words: people have their sensitivities, don’t forget this. Avoid racist, sexist, and demeaning words. Write with respect.

Scaling is very easy, but you need to work for it.

There is no jumping to the top in affiliate marketing. You have to progress organically. With time and effort, you are bound to be a top earner.

Try out new traffic methods; see what works and what doesn’t. Cut off unproductive campaigns and strategies.

Study your volume and expand in that line.

Your mindset goes a long way and the relationships you build would help you for much longer.

Go get it done.