5 Tips for Brand new affiliates

5 Tips for Brand new affiliates

1. Relationships

Affiliate Marketing is probably the oldest method of making money online. It’s been around even before it was called affiliate marketing - product owners used to simply give a discount to anyone referring business to them. So keep in mind that there are a lot of people that have been very successful in this industry. With this in mind I will tell you a vital secret: relationships are everything!

Affiliate Marketing is a vast world, exciting and fun but quite cryptic if you’re just getting started. So you need to take advantage of all the friends in the industry , forums and online coaching groups that could help you learn more. If you have any affiliate friends, take them out for a beer (or ten) and ASK QUESTIONS. If you are not physically close to them, ship them over a bottle with Amazon wine, set a time to connect online and ASK QUESTIONS about their experience and insights. Learning from other people’s failures or successes is a grand luxury.

2. Pick your niche

It’s smart to test a few different niches and experiment, but after a short while you need to pick your “flavor”: health, fitness, sweeps, financial, beauty, ecomm, dating, lead gen, crypto, etc …whichever you prefer. But specializing in a specific area will definitely give you the competitive advantage you need in order to be successful. Is impossible to be an expert on all fronts. By narrowing your area of operation, it will help you excel.

3. Mindset is key

Expect to fail. Yup you heard that right. Expect to fail. Is not a matter of “if” you fail but “when” you fail. You might lose money on your first campaign until you optimize it, you might choose an offer with a low CR, or maybe you will choose the wrong creatives and not set the campaign properly. And that is FINE. All the super affiliates I know in the industry have failed at one point. And guess what - it is normal and it will teach you resilience. The important weapon you will need in these moments is your Mindset. Be strong and determined and certain that this is just a bump and in the end you will certainly be successful. No successful person has got it right the first time. Be patient with yourself and choose to always get up, dust off and try again!

4. Content and strategy

Provide good content to your readers, spend time on your ad campaigns and deliver value. Work with affiliate networks that always provide proven creatives, from strong email swipes and high quality banners to strong prelanders. Work on a strategy for the reader where she will not only buy from your blog, social media page, email campaign or ad, but a strategy where you know she will return and buy more, and refer other readers to you. In a nutshell, roll your sleeves up and work hard : provide value and the returns on investment will be remarkable.

5. Choose an affiliate network that will help you succeed

There are many aspects that you need to look for in a top affiliate network. However, the 3 most important things are : affiliate managers, tracking and payment terms. A good affiliate network will have AMs available to help you 24/7. If you write an email you should expect a reply within hours, most definitely the same day. The network should also provide real time help for urgent needs. If you can get your Account Manager on Skype at 11pm on a Saturday and she is happy to help : you got yourself a great network to work with. Pro Tip: Affiliate managers should become your best friends because they can get you the best payouts and approval for top campaigns.

Impeccable tracking is paramount because you need to be able to keep a close eye on your leads. You should be able to set a postback pixel and track the visits and commissions in real time.

Great payment terms are essential - you can work with the best account managers and have the best tracking if your cashflow is hurting. So choose to work with affiliate programs that will pay you weekly, because your traffic is truly valuable. You are valuable! An appreciable network will treat you as a real partner.