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The 9 Best Affiliate Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow!

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Finding the right tools for the job is always important. No matter what industry you are in, the right tools can help you gain an advantage. When it comes to competitive industries like affiliate marketing, this is even more important. Having the right tool for each situation can make a big difference. They could change your campaign from a total bust, to incredibly profitable. Affiliate marketing also relies much more on external tools compared to other industries. This is just one more reason to invest more time and money into finding the best ones for you. 

With this article, we are planning on helping you with finding the best affiliate marketing tools. With these affiliate tools, your business can grow and expand in no time. Using these tools can help you work smarter and not harder. Some tools can drive quality traffic to your campaigns. Others might boost sales or optimize your campaigns. Combining multiple tools at once is the perfect way to ensure success. Make your affiliate marketing career simpler and get started with these tools!

Let’s not waste time and get straight to the point!

What Are Affiliate Marketing Tools?

Affiliate tools are specialized software solutions that can help with or automate parts of your affiliate marketing business. These can vary in the category, quality, price, and usability. Some tools are simple solutions that allow affiliates to do multiple things at once. Some tools are more complicated, but they can help affiliates a lot more. Some can even replace certain work positions on an affiliate marketing campaign and do things that you would need a lot of people to do for you.  

Categorizing each type of affiliate marketing tool that can help your business can be a daunting task. We pulled together some of the most popular and important categories. With these tools and categories, you can make your business run like a dream!

Best Tracking Tools

1. Voluum

Tracking your affiliate marketing campaigns should be something every affiliate does during his career. Affiliate tools like Voluum make tracking your ad campaigns much more precise and detailed. It allows affiliates to gain valuable insight into their campaign performance. 

Voluum is an industry titan. It’s a household name that affiliates should be familiar with. Their industry-leading status isn’t without merit. Voluum is feature-rich and can bring many advantages to any affiliate. 

It works with most traffic sources and comes with already build templates that are optimized for each source. With Voluum, affiliates can track Native, Search, Display, Push, Pop, and other types of ads. Marketers who tack all of this can use this valuable data to improve their business and ensure optimal results. 


Voluum sadly doesn’t have a free tier or trial period. For beginners, the basic plan costs $69/mo, while the agency package costs a whopping $999/mo. 

2. AnyTrack

AnyTrack and Voluum are some of the best marketing tools out there. With AnyTrack you can track and sync conversions from affiliate networks by using FB Pixels and Google Analytics. 

What makes it special is its incredible tracking capabilities as well as ease of use. The devs made sure that anyone can use it. AnyTrack requires no coding knowledge to use and utilize properly. It has great integration with Google and FB ads. As well as native integration with popular affiliate networks. 


AnyTrack has multiple tears of pricing. The lowest tier is free to use. The basic plan is $50/mo while the most advanced tier made for agencies costs upwards of $300/mo!

Most Detailed Performance Analytics

3. AffJet

Tracking and analyzing your performance across different networks can be hard. This is where affiliate tools like AffJet can come in handy. This affiliate tool combines your campaigns from different sources. It provides users with a detailed analysis of the performance of your campaigns. With AffJets detailed stats, you can adjust, track, and analyze your business across multiple networks. Knowing these stats can help you optimize your campaigns and track trends in your performance. With it, you can learn from your mistakes and capitalize on the market changes. 


AffJet Offers a free trial that affiliates should use to get to know the tool. This free trial is free forever, but it has huge limitations. It is meant for you to get to know the tool, and not use it this way. The basic plan costs a mere $5/mo and the advanced plan will set you back just $30/mo. Making this one of the most cost-effective tools on this list!

Most Helpful Spy Tools

4. AdPlexity

No affiliate tools list wouldn’t be complete without Spy Tools. These tools allow affiliates to spy on their competition and gain an advantage. Affiliates can learn what and how the rest of the industry is running their ads. This has multiple benefits. Affiliates don’t have to test expensive new campaigns. They can just check what others are doing and improve on their work. It’s a low-risk way of getting killer campaigns. The leader amongst these powerful spy tools is AdPlexity. 

Adplexity allows your business to flourish. You can learn from your competitors’ most profitable ads and utilize that knowledge in your campaigns. You can track different types of ads like:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Native
  • Push
  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise


AdPlexity is known for its price. Each of the different tracking tools costs a different amount. Depending on which tool you need, you will have to pay anywhere from $149, to $199/mo. This is the cost for only one tracking tool, so if you want to use more, you will pay a lot!

Best Domain Tracker Tools

5. Flippa

Marketers all over the web know how hard it can be to launch a new website. You have to create the website from the ground up and buy a new domain. The worst part about it is that the fresh domains have no SEO power. This is something that takes years of optimizing to gain and build. 

To circumvent this at least partially, marketers use affiliate tools like Flippa. This tool allows you to search and buy already existing domains that have domain authority. This way your customers can find your content much more easily. 


Flippa has a unique way of charging you for service. It costs $15/ mo to list your domain and each sale will require you to pay a percentage fee. Buying domains can vary a lot. And it completely depends on the quality and name of the domain. 

Incredible Social Media Tools

6. Tailwind

Most affiliates use social media for their benefit. One of the best affiliate tools that marketers use for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others is Tailwind. It’s mostly optimized for work with Instagram but it can be useful for a plethora of platforms. 

Some of its best features are: 

  • Smart Schedule - For enabling auto-posting for your social media accounts.
  • Hashtag Finder - For finding the most popular and trending hashtags. 
  • Landing Page Creator - Used for creating simple and effective LPs.
  • Content Plans - Get content ideas through this effective tool.
  • And many others…


Tailwind has many tiers of pricing. The lowest tier is completely free but it comes with a lot of limitations. The more advanced tiers can set you back $9.99, $19.99, or even $39,99/mo.

Most Useful Marketing Chatbots

7. ManyChat

After social media in general, chatbots are another way you can improve your business. Chatbots can help you communicate with your customers without needing to talk to someone. These live chat programs are proven:

  • Boost engagement rates by 300%
  • Increase conversion rates and return rates by around 50%

This is one of the best AI chatbots for marketing on Facebook. This bot can engage with users across multiple channels. It supports advanced features like reporting and analytics. The Chabot itself is incredibly easy to use. It features an intuitive drag and drop interface which helps build the bot. It has easily accessible integrations with Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, and others. 

ManyChat is easy to set up and it requires no coding knowledge. It can help you sell products, create appointments, give users order updates, and even share coupons. When sales come to mind, it is also important to note that it has integrations with eCommerce tools. 


ManyChat offers a free and a pro version. The free version And the paid “Pro” version is only $10/mo!

Easiest Landing Page Builders

8. Unbounce

Sometimes affiliates don’t have time to build their whole websites from the ground up. This is where affiliate tools like Unbounce come into play. This app allows marketers to build quality landing pages fast and without coding. So in theory anyone can make a landing page for their campaign without breaking a sweat. This piece of software also has an important lead generation tool. It can create custom funnels that are adapted to the needs of your audience. 

It has easy to use UI and workflow, so you can create amazon LPs in no time. It also allows for quick and effective duplicating and editing of already existing LPs. Making the whole process a lot faster and more efficient. 


Unbounce has a varied pricing approach. You can pick between 4 plans that cost from $80/mo to $300/mo. Affiliates should consider what features they need when deciding which plan to go with.

Secretive Link Cloaking Tools

9. Rebrandly

Sometimes affiliates need to cloak their links to circumvent some limitations. For situations like these, there is an affiliate tool called Rebrandly. It is one step above most of its cloaking competition. It has multiple features that are worth its weight in gold. Things like analytics, link customization, URL shortener, Cloaker are what Rebrandly excels at. 

With the use of these tools, you can create links that look trustworthy as well as easy to understand. Nobody wants to click on some link that looks like some random gibberish. Clean and precise wording is needed to make your customers feel like you are trustworthy. 


Rebrandly has multiple tiers that satisfy different users. The starter pack will cost $29/mo while the agency/team package is a cool $499/mo!

To Conclude Things

With all these affiliate tools your business is bound to grow. No matter what you need help with, most likely, there is a tool for that exact use case. While it is important to find adequate tools for each task, you shouldn’t solely rely on them. 

It is important to note that these tools cannot replace you completely. They should be used carefully. They are there to help you, not replace you. No matter what tool you use, you should always stay active, learn about new ways of marketing, and keep improving. The better you are the more the tools can help you. 

A great affiliate can only be better with the right tools, while a bad one will stay bad no matter what he uses. These are some of our favorite software solutions to some common problems. Maybe your workflow works better with other tools, and that is fine. If you use different tools for these same tasks, tell us more about them and we will consider them for the next list. Knowledge is power and the more we share, the more we all know!

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