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Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools (Free and Paid)

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Spy tools are something that every affiliate should know a thing or two about. These helpful programs can help you gain an advantage over your competition and stay on top in the ever more competitive marketplace. 

For platforms like Facebook, a good spy tool is almost required to have some success. With them, you can find winning approaches, angles, creatives, texts, and offers that you can utilize for your marketing campaigns. 

Finding the right tool is hard, but knowing what is available and how different tools can help you is valuable knowledge that every affiliate should know about!

This guide will introduce you to the best Facebook ad spy tools, both free and paid. After reading this guide, you'll know everything about how to use these tools to your advantage and take your affiliate marketing game to the next level!

But first, let’s cover some basics!

What are Spy Tools for Facebook?

Spy Tools are specialized software solutions that help track and analyze ads, traffic, and your competition properly. Facebook ads spy tools work the same way, they allow you to view other businesses' Facebook advertising campaigns. 

With a spy tool, you can see what kind of ads they're running, what's working well for them, and what isn't. This information is valuable because you can use it to make your ads more effective. The info you will be getting for them includes competitor analysis of social media profiles, websites, offers, landing pages, creatives, ad texts, audience, targeting, GEOs, and much much more. 

There are many different spy tools available, each with its own set of features. The more detailed and accurate info you need the more you will need to pay. The best spy tool for you will depend on your needs and budget.

What Are Some Great Free Spy Tools For Facebook?

Sometimes everything you need can be acquired for free. If you just need the basics and you are on a tight budget, then these free spy tools should be right up your alley! Here are some from our selection!


This tool isn’t completely free, but its basic features are. Usually, this is a premium tool that allows you to create and manage ad campaigns from one simple and convenient place. 

This can help affiliates manage complicated campaigns, combine more, and test out all sorts of variables simply and efficiently. The tool also offers a way to see what other affiliates are running. Currently, there are around 30,000 ad examples that can be useful to affiliates just starting, and pros that need some inspiration. 

With AdEspresso you can also find simple guides and tutorials for running successful campaigns. These guides are also free, so you have nothing to lose if you decide to try this platform! If you start liking it, but you need additional features, they have a premium version as well!


BigSpy is the best friend of beginners in this industry. This competitive research tool offers everything beginners need to get their feet wet at an incredible price of nothing!

This tool can help you search for creatives and ads based on objectives, CTA, and trends. This information alone is enough to start up a great campaign of your own, but BigSpy offers even more!

While it's not as feature rich as other platforms, BigSpy is free after all, and the information that it can give you is well worth paying for. The only downside to it is its general lack of polish and a sub-optimal user experience. But those are minimal problems when you consider that the tool is free to use!


Nothing quite like getting information about Facebook ads from Facebook itself!

A few years ago Facebook noticed that there is a huge demand for spy tools for their platform. They realized that a lot of shady platforms were popping off and they decided that it was better for them to make their own version than let others rule over the field. 

Because of this, FB enabled a feature where you can see ad pages that are currently running ads on the platform, from the platform itself. All you need to do is go to the page you want to know more about and click on the “info and ads” section.

Once there you can see your competitors' ads, what they are running right now, what the CTAs look like, and what offer they are running. Sadly, Facebook hasn't enabled you to look at historical data which makes using some other tools a necessity if you want to know more about the ads. 

What Are Some Incredible Paid Spy Tools For Facebook?

This list has many more entries because most quality services require some sort of payment, and in some cases, that sum can be eye-watering! But if you know how to properly utilize the tools at hand they will be well worth the investment!


This is one of the top platforms in this industry. It is used by some of the biggest names because it just delivers on everything that you could need!

AdPlexity offers a desktop, mobile, and native version. The platform boasts an incredible 7+ billion impressions per day and millions of ads! Those numbers are thanks to their partnerships with major ad networks all over the world.

The search feature is convenient and easy to use. You can look for creatives based on language, carrier, keywords, and even affiliate network! This makes finding the right ad easier than ever before. Plus, if you want to know where your competitors are running their ads you can use the “Ad Spy” feature which will give you all the information that you need!

But, all of these convenience and features come at a price. The starting price for AdPlexity is $199 (or $149) per month which can be a bit pricey for some people. But, if you want the best of the best, this is the platform for you!


This is another big player in the industry that offers a lot of features for a relatively low price.

The platform gives you access to the most popular ads with new ones being added every single day! The search feature is also very convenient and easy to use. You can look for creatives based on language, country, carrier, keywords, and even affiliate network! Just like AdPlexity, this makes finding the right ad easier than ever before.

But what sets PowerAdSpy apart from its competition is the “Insights” feature. This part of the platform analyzes all of the data that it has gathered and gives you valuable information about your competitors. This includes their ad spend, ad frequency, ad CTR, and more!

The starting price for PowerAdSpy is $99 per month which is a bit cheaper than AdPlexity. But, you do get what you pay for and the features are not quite as robust. PowerAdSpy also offers a free version, but it lacks most of the important tools that a marketer needs.

Magic Adz

This is a platform that many Facebook affiliates used and vouch for. Marketers usually consider it the best “bang for the buck” as it offers a lot of features for a very reasonable price.

The platform gives you access to most of the trending and popular ads every single day! The search parameters for ads are similar to other offerings but what makes it unique is that this platform focuses on uncloaking cloaked ads. So with it, you will get the chance to see some of the best-hidden secrets on Facebook!

Magic Adz also beats its competition with the “Ad Analyzer” feature. This part of the platform analyzes all of the data that it has gathered and gives you valuable information about your competitors. This includes their ad spend, ad frequency, ad CTR, and more!

The starting price for Magic Adz is $49 per month which is a very reasonable price. You will get everything you need and more, for a fraction of the price that other platforms request from you. If nothing else, it is worth at least trying out!


There you have it! Those are some of the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools (Free and Paid) that are currently on the market. Each and every one of these tools can make sure that you do your job better, and more efficiently than ever before. These tools can be a huge help to anyone that uses them, and if you want to stay on top of the pack, you should start as well!

Each platform has its own set of features and benefits so make sure to choose the one that is right for you and your needs! Maybe the best course of action is to start with the free ones and slowly move up the price bracket until you find the right one for you!

Do you have any experience with spy tools on Facebook ads? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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