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Best Methods to Optimize Your Pre-Landers

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Marketing is an incredibly dynamic workplace. It’s all about being better than you were yesterday. Being better than your competition, and turning your leads into conversions. Affiliates over the internet are always in the search of the next big thing that can help them. This led to the development of interesting tools that can help beginners and pros alike. 

Marketers always need to find new and better ways to convert their leads. Each lead that converts is another dollar in their pocket. This is why they invest a lot of time and money to improve their conversion rates. This constant investment of resources into new ways of marketing creates new and interesting approaches to sales. 

Marketers realized that users often bounced. This mostly happened when they didn’t get enough information about the product before the purchase page. In order to solve this, they created pages that appear before it, and it soon became an industry standard. If you have any experience in the marketing world you have probably heard about pre-sell and pre-landers. These pages are one of the most effective ways of warming up audiences and increasing conversion rates. But what even are these pages? How does one utilize and optimize them? Are they even worth the hassle? It’s time to find out!


What Are Pre-Landers and Presell Pages?

Pre-landers and presell pages are pretty much the same thing. Both of these terms can be used almost interchangeably even though they have small differences. So let’s see what they really are. 

These pages show up for users as a landing page before they are shown the actual product or offer page. Users are usually sent to them right after clicking on a promotional ad. They contain additional info for the offer. Their goal is to warm up the audience and start the sales pitch. Instead of the lead getting straight to the offer, these pages are trying to familiarize them with it first. This way the chance of leads actually converting is increased by a large margin. Pre-sell/lander pages can come in varying forms. Some of the popular ones are pre-cart pages, bridge pages, and advertorials. 


How Do They Differ From Landing Pages?

Some people use all of these terms interchangeably. This isn’t correct as landing pages are usually a bit different. Also, pre-sell and pre-landers are always landing pages while landing pages aren’t always pre-sell and pre-landers. Sounds a bit complicated but it’s not. 

If done properly, these pages should look alike, but not be a complete copy of each other. Both of them have different uses, so they should look different as well. 

LPs are designed to generate conversations in any way possible. They use numerous call-to-action buttons, tactics that hook readers, and suggestive writing. They are laser-focused on getting one thing, conversions.

Pre-landers aren't like that. They are much more informative and far less aggressive. While they can have CTA’s, it’s not a big requirement. The whole point of these pages is to warm up the audience. That warm audience should respond much better to landing pages than cold audiences. 


Should You Use These Pages?

Should I use these pages in my campaigns or not? 

The best way to answer this for your campaign is to split test it. As a marketer, you should always test things anyways. In this case, testing should show you a solid increase in conversion rates. Pre-sell and pre-landers are proven methods to improve that metric. The only variable is, by how much. But that depends completely on each individual campaign. 

Pre-landers and presell pages both try to offer the lead more information about the product or service. They come between your ad campaigns and the offers’ landing page. Instead of sending your traffic directly to the offer, you send them to a pre-lander. These pages should have more detailed information about the final offer. They should slowly ease the prospect into the sales pitch. Nothing too aggressive, yet still noticeable. Your pre-sell/landers should hook your audience straight away. So that the actual landing page only closes the deal. 

With proper warming up of the audience, you can expect far better results on average. 


What Are the Best Methods To Optimize Them?

Make the Pre-Landers Relevant

Creating pre-landers that don’t fit your general tone and offer is bad. Instead of warming audiences up, they can even increase the bounce rate, as people will be faced with something that they weren’t expecting. Some affiliates like to create general and broad presell pages that can work for multiple offers. This is often frowned upon by networks and advertisers. So the best thing to do would be to create unique pages for each product or service you want to sell. 

Make the Transition From Pre-Lander to Lander Seamless

The presell/pre-lander pages need to slot right in between the ads and landing pages. This is easier said than done. To make the transition seamless and non-interruptive will require some skills. There should be an uninterrupted flow between all of them. The bombastic ad should slot right into the pre-lander copy. The copy should be interesting and give the users additional info about everything. It should lead your customer to the lander, which should seal the deal. 

Ensure That Your Presell Pages Have A Clear Message

Your pages should focus on one thing. Warming up your audience. Don’t try to sell them the product, and get them to know your product, advertise your store, etc. all in one. Try doing one thing, but doing it properly. Your ad should make the lead interested. The presell page should make them get to know the product and want it. The sales page should finish the deal and make the sale. 

Make The Page Look Distinct Yet Familiar

To reach that seamless transition, you need to create a similar design to the pre-landers and landers. They shouldn’t look the same, but they should be similar. This familiarity when going from one page to another is proven to increase CTR and CR!

Target The Right Audience

Nothing worse than missing the mark on your target audience. If you fail to advertise to the right people, you can forget about that conversion. Always do a lot of research before committing to a specific audience!

Optimize The Pages For Loading Speed

Loading speed is always important. While it might seem trivial, it is known that users quit most pages that don’t open within a second or two. Ensuring the pages load up quickly should be a priority. The quicker your pre-landers load, the less likely you will lose leads. Optimizing pages shouldn’t be very difficult, but if you don’t know what you are doing, hire a pro. Loading speed is also important for things like SEO, so all of your pages should load fast!

Build Trust and Confidence in Your Products

Your presell page should focus on bringing the products closer to your audience. You need to show that customers can trust your product and brand. The safer you make them feel about their purchase, the more likely they will actually convert!

Make The Pages Have Steps

Most pre-landers on mobile have steps. Basically, they look like questionnaires that the user goes through. They are designed so that if the user answers some questions or reads through parts, they feel inclined to go further. Usually, marketers go for 3-5 steps, as more than that is tiring for the user. 

Make CTAs That Work

CTAs are very important for any page. They are the button your copy should make the users click. Remember that there shouldn’t be a lot of CTAs on your presell page. As they are meant for warming up the audience, not selling. These CTAs can be linked to other sale pages or directly to the buy page. You need to make sure that the CTAs are:

  • Easy to see
  • Easy to click on
  • Contain powerful verbs
  • They aren’t repetitive
  • They take the users to the right place

Test Everything

The number 1 rule of marketing of any kind is testing. The more you test the more you will know. Test your audience, targeting, copy, aggressiveness, CTAs, style, creatives,... everything!


Final Words on Pre-Landers and Presell Pages

Pre-landers and presell pages are important tools affiliates and marketers can use to optimize their conversions. These pages can help you warm up your audience and convince them to buy the thing you are advertising. As with anything, you will have to test how effective they are on your campaigns. 


  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increases click-through-range
  • Increase engagement
  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Warms up the audience
  • Easily scalable


  • They require advanced knowledge
  • Sometimes hard to implement properly
  • A lot of testing is required to make them work properly
  • Sometimes merchants don’t allow them

Have you used presell or pre-landers in your campaigns? How effective were they for you?

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