DMIEXPO: Anna & Itay Paz Interview

DMIEXPO: Anna & Itay Paz Interview
Q: Hey Itay, tell me a bit about yourself

A: I am an entrepreneur, and had the privilege of starting within the digital marketing industry over 22 years. Starting with one website and growing to a 650 network of affiliate websites in less than 2 years. I am passionate about the internet & marketing and helping people. I am also a big believer in relationships – the fact is that business deals are done between people and not between businesses or companies. With that in mind, I know how important it is for people to connect, interact and build relationships; which are done best by meeting in person.

Q: What made you decide on creating DMIEXPO and Why Tel-Aviv?

A: Tel-Aviv (and Israel) is probably the biggest hub for digital marketing in the world, the knowledge, people and technology that we have here is amazing and this is the reason we’re having the event in Israel. We attract professionals and companies from all over the world to an amazing big expo and conference to network, learn and grow your business.

Q: The industry is baffled by your success with this amazing event - what would you say is your secret sauce?

A: I think there are 2 major things that separate us from any other conferences and are creating the success of the DMIEXPO:

1) Being one of the digital marketing industry veterans, I was able to create the event by coming from a professional digital marketer side (not from an event organizer; that is first looking at the bottom line - getting paid for the work done). I’ve been traveling the world attending 8-10 shows every year and have taken all my experience and knowledge to create a conference that is the best in terms of content, attendees, exhibition and hosting (we make sure, differently from other events, that all of the attendees are getting luxury dining experience at the event)

2) As I’ve mentioned before, Tel-Aviv is the biggest hub for digital marketing in the world which means the professionals in the world are coming to the event. In addition, Israel is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world with amazing attractions like Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, the Holy City, with great weather and excellent food.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the industry?

A: I think what I love about this industry that every day there is something new happening. New technologies, new strategies, new products and verticals, and even new regulations. While sometimes it is frustrating, the fact is it keeps us digital marketers alerted at any point of time and requires us to be on top of our game if we want to survive in this industry. Another great thing is that it is a constantly growing industry, even if we do nothing, the markets grows and new potential clients are arising – and how cool is that!

Q: I know there are not many spots left but where can people register to attend and buy a ticket?

A: It is very simple, just go to the website and click the register button to buy your ticket. It’s simple and secured!

Q: Not a question but thank you for being such an inspiration:-)

A: Thank you very much for the great conversation and I hope to see everyone at the upcoming event.

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