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How to Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

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“How do I find a profitable niche?”

This is a question that many new affiliate marketers ask. What’s affiliate marketing without making money? And to make money, one has to find a profitable niche to focus on and promote products.

Many make finding a profitable niche look very easy. They mention very popular affiliate marketing niche markets like health, dating, hobbies, and many others. However, there are millions of aspects and topics under these niche markets and they don’t draw the same amount of traffic.

For instance, under health and fitness, there are several aspects such as keto diet, detox, weight loss, healthy intermittent fasting, and so many others.

Your research about niches must granulate the aspects to discover which topics and keywords are bringing in the most traffic. This is not to make niche research, but you need to prepare your mind for the research you have to do.

Let’s start with a description of the affiliate marketing process.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing basically involves three players:

  • The merchant
  • The publisher
  • The consumer

The merchant registers a product for sale on an affiliate network - let’s say ClickBank. The publisher, expectedly, pulls traffic within a niche.

The publisher goes to ClickBank to pick a product to promote for a commission per sale. The consumer sees the product on the publisher’s website and clicks to buy.

The consumer buys the product and the publisher gets a commission from the sale.

Sounds easy right? That’s just a simple way to explain affiliate marketing.

Let’s get to how you can find profitable niches.

Find Your Niche Market

There are several niche markets on the internet. From health to hobbies, people are surfing the internet in search of information and products that can be of help.

You can’t just take a wide guess on this. You may need to do some research.

This is where knowing your interest comes in. You need to know the market you want to operate in.

What fuels your interest? Special knowledge or skill? Whatever it is, it will be of help.

Grab a notepad and write down those areas of interest. If you have specific aspects that you find most compelling to you, write these down also.

The next thing is to know if the niche makes money. If a niche makes money, that means there is traffic for it.

Step one: Use Flippa


You can start your research with Flippa.

Flippa is a website that lets you sell your website. Here, you put up your website with necessary information such as monthly profit, profit source, niche market, and category.

I know, we are not selling a website (or buying one). However, a website successfully sold for a large amount means that it was operating in a profitable niche and it got considerable traffic.

Go to the website Flippa for just sold websites.

Use the filter to adjust the results on the page. Set monthly profit to be within $1000 - $20,000. Set the type to “Website” and include only “Verified Traffic” and “Verified Revenue”. Click on the “search” to see the results. Study the results to see which websites command the highest prices and bring in the biggest revenues. Look at the niches the websites are in.

Step two: Popular Magazine Trends

Go to

Here, you will find top magazines people buy and subscribe to. These magazines are in different niche markets. This means that if you find a topic there, then there is a demand for the niche.


  • Go to “All Categories” and pick a topic.
  • Check your notepad if your chosen niche market falls within any of these.

Step Three: Popular Problems

43 Things was online for a decade: 2005 - 2015. During the ten years of existence, it was able to collate a list of top goals people plan to achieve. You can access the top 100 goals here.

You can pick from this list and see how you can be a problem solver.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to promote affiliate products. People buy solutions to problems, and this is a way to know those problems.

By now, you should know your niche market.

Know the Marketplace

ClickBank and Amazon are the two most popular marketplaces.

Most affiliate marketers head to Amazon to get links for physical products. For digital products, they head to ClickBank.

How to Find Profitable Products on ClickBank

Profitable products are very vital to a niche being successful. You need products with considerable commissions and good market reception. ClickBank has a host of profitable products.

When you find a profitable product, it is easy to build helpful content around it. For instance, if you find a weight loss digital product of $35 with a commission of 75%, and the gravity is okay, you can create an insightful article on the ways to lose weight.

So, head to the ClickBank Marketplace.


You will find this by the left:

Select your niche market. When you click on any of the categories, subcategories will appear for you to browse through.

I picked “Employment & Jobs”. You can choose from the subcategories to granulate your search.


After loading the page with the products, set the gravity to “6” to remove products that aren’t selling well. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you may try another subcategory.

Do not be too fixated on a category as there are millions of products on the platform. You can also search for a product with keywords.


I have chosen “Earn from Photos”. The next thing is to check for the traffic for this keyword on Google Trends.

Check the Traffic Rate on Google Trends


This keyword doesn’t have consistent traffic. You can always refine the keyword. Here is the result of “make money from photos”


This shows a growing interest, though not consistent, but quite considerable. You may also want to check out the competition in the niche.

The key is finding an aspect and ensuring that you can get enough traffic for it.

Try Amazon

If you blog about fashion or consumer goods, you should try Amazon. There’s hardly any product that you can’t find on Amazon.

Amazon traffic

You can find products by category.

If you still don’t understand how to find a niche, read again. It is very important you know how to find one.

To sum up…

Making money from affiliate marketing requires research. You need to know what sells and be interested in it. It is also very important to note that some products are seasonal. A guide on how to make DIY Halloween decorations will make most of its sales in October.

Ensure you are well optimized for search engines and constantly tweak your keywords to fit with trending searches.

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