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Integrate MaxWeb affiliate conversions in Google Analytics & Ads, Facebook Pixel with We Can Track

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Because of all tracking capabilities that MaxWeb offers. We know that conversion tracking is helping thousands of affiliate publishers to better understand, analyse and optimize their performance. And now with our new integration, MaxWeb is offering affiliate publishers to automate their data collection and marketing tools integration.

Still, a lot of publishers are struggling to aggregate all their affiliate conversion data, attribute it to their traffic data and then integrate it in the marketing tools they use, which causes the problem that many affiliate publishers can’t see how many conversions their traffic sources, campaigns, websites or even landing pages actually generate.

This is where We Can Track comes in to help, with an easy-to-install software that doesn’t require any technical understanding, as explained in detail here.

By installing We Can Track’s WordPress plugin or placing their JavaScript snippet on site, We Can Track will automatically attribute MaxWeb (or any other networks’) conversion data to the publishers traffic data, giving them a performance overview for any available dimension. The full installation is done in four simple steps within minutes:

  • Create a We Can Track account
  • Connect your MaxWeb account via your postback credentials
  • Connect your website via JavaScript snippet, WordPress plugin or API
  • Activate the integration features you would like to use

Now, why is the conversion attribution such a big deal?
Because by attributing your conversion data to traffic data you can easily:

  • Analyse and optimise traffic source, campaigns and content
  • A/B test based on conversion data
  • Automate budget and bid adjustments
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs/li>
  • Build converting partnerships

The outcome will be increased revenues, lower costs, more efficiency, higher ROAS and finally higher profits.

By integrating your affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook, you can set up and improve audiences and remarketing campaigns, targeting users who showed interest but did not yet convert for example.

Fun fact: Did you know that some quality affiliates have over 50% of their conversions coming from returning visitors?
So remarketing campaigns will help, to increase the number of returning visitors and thus your conversions!

Integrate MaxWeb affiliate conversions in Google Analytics & Ads, Facebook Pixel with We Can Track

(Source: a trusted publisher who gave us permission to share this)

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