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RevContent - Native Source for Affiliates: How to get started

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One of the biggest and best-performing native marketing platforms is RevContent. It serves some of the best content marketers including Forbes, NBC News, CBS, and many others. It is a trusted and sought-after ad network that sets itself apart with its performance and service. But what is RevContent, what makes it special, and how do you even use it? Let’s answer all of those questions right now!

What is Revcontent?

Founded in 2013, RevContent has quickly grown to become one of the leading advertising networks for native ads. Right now, it is one of the biggest marketing and native advertising platforms. It leverages lightweight, customizable technology to help advertisers reach their revenue, growth, and engagement goals. With RevContent, advertisers can expect their campaigns to flourish and be profitable. But only if they know what they are doing. 

What Makes It Good?

RevContent has a lot of advantages that set it apart from the competition.

  • More Affordable
    A big advantage of RevContent is that it’s affordable. The minimum bid you can make is $0.001 per click, and you can increase it based on your preference. The minimum funding amount is $50, but each campaign you run needs to have a daily budget of at least $100.

  • Has Real-Time Data
    The quicker you can get data the better, this is why RevContent focused a lot of their effort to bring almost real-time data from your campaigns. You have access to reports that have detailed information about things that happened minutes ago. With all of this data and reports, you can optimize your campaigns without wasting any time or money.

  • Scales Incredibly Fast
    If you manage to make your campaigns profitable, then you know how important scaling can be. Scaling quickly is something that most ad networks have issues with. But RevContent has this feature fully fleshed out and polished. Scaling is easy and you don’t have to worry about your CPA performance after scaling.

    You can even create a blacklist and whitelist campaigns for the worst/best performing placements (widgets). This can all be done in mere seconds without having to wait for some account manager to set it up for you.

  • Has Great Reach
    Targeting Tier 1 GEOs is something that every affiliate does. Countries like the US are probably the most profitable places to run a campaign of any sort. This is why the fact that RevContent reaches over 97% of households in the US is great for business. Revcontent serves over 250 billion impressions per month, and you can easily be part of this incredible statistic with your campaigns.

  • Enables Granular Targeting

    With RevContent you can target over 3000 interest options (that’s more than even Facebook). With all of these options, you are bound to find the best possible audience for your campaigns. 

    You can target locations. Your campaigns can be worldwide or specific to only a few handpicked countries. This can be specified even further by targeting specific regions, cities, zip codes, or even specific metro areas. If you know where your audience is from, you can make sure you will reach them.

    You can target whatever language you want, or you can go all out and target all of them. Currently, there is no option of targeting multiple ones except the all languages feature. 

    Devices and OSes are a thing that many marketers use when targeting their audience. And you can target any of the available platforms and device types with RevContent. 

How to Get Started?

Starting is easy with RevContent. The first thing you need to do is create an account and register on the platform. This is done by visiting the RevContent website and clicking on get started now.

You will be brought to a page where you will need to type in your name, company details, email, and other information that is required for your RevContent account. You will need to enter your site URL, traffic, and choose if you are a publisher or advertiser. 

After you are done with all of this it is time to submit all of that info for RevContent to review. This whole process usually takes a day or two, but it might end up taking up to 7 working days. During that time RevContent will try to verify all of your data and open your account. 

After they have reviewed your application, your account will be ready to start making money. Try some of the ad types and do your research before committing to anything. 

Campaigns Boosts

Campaigns boost is a RevContent term for settings and targeting. This option is supposed to help you promote and advertise your content. The system can promote some content automatically or leave it for you to do completely manually. 

When selecting this option you will be taken to a “create campaign boost” page. Here you can select your:

  • Campaign type
  • Boost name
  • Bid amount (per click)
  • Budget amount (Unlimited or daily, 100$ minimum on daily)
  • Optimization for engagement or CPA ROI
  • Brand Logos
  • Schedule Start and end dates
  • Target countries, devices, and languages
  • Tracking Code

After doing this you will be presented with the “add content” page. There you can paste your destination URL, and RevContent will try to extract info out of the page. It will present you with some more forms to fill out.

  • Destination URL (should already be filled)
  • Content-type (article, mobile app, video)
  • Headline
  • Brand Name
  • And image

You click on submit, and that is it! You just made your first campaign boost. It will take a few hours to get approved by RevContent.

After your campaign has been approved you can click on it and see the various options for it. 

  • Performance
    Here you can see how well your campaign is performing. You will get detailed stats that you can filter through and analyze to better optimize in the future.

  • Settings
    This is where you can change campaign settings. You have access to pretty much all the variables that you entered when you started the campaign.

  • Manage Content
    Here you can see which of your campaigns is running, which are not, and how they are doing.

  • Targeting
    As you might have guessed here you can target where your campaign will run and on what it will focus on. You will get detailed info as bid range, click/week/ impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, profit, CPC, and much more.

  • Widget Targeting
    You can blacklist specific widgets that are not making money and focus on ones that are. 

Optimizing Your Ads

After getting valuable data from your campaign and conversion trackers, you can move on to optimizing your ads. Before doing any optimizations let your campaigns spend a little so that you get more data. The usual optimizations that you do with any campaign are the same, so we won’t repeat it here, but here are some specific things that you should do on RevContent:

  • Block Widgets that have bad conversion rates and no sessions
    This simple change can trim a lot of the excess cost and make your campaigns that much more profitable. If your widgets have no conversions you can simply block them via a rule that says that the conversion must be greater than 0. Blocking invalid traffic from bots is also an important part of optimizing your campaigns.

  • High CTR Widgets
    Usually the better the CTR the more successful your campaigns are. But sometimes there is a big issue, your CTR is fake. If you notice some incredible numbers you are not used to, you might be the victim of a bot going through your content. This is why blocking widgets with high impressions but no or low conversions is key to having good campaigns. 

  • Bids based on CPA
    If a site placement isn’t quite working out, you can try lowering the bid to see if you maybe get to your desired CPA goal. Try lowering the bid by 25% after 2x your CPA goal is spent.

    The opposite can be used for scaling. If you want to find the optimal budget increase you can start by spending 10% more after spending double your CPA goal. With these two rules, you should find your perfect bid in no time!

The Key Takeaways

RevContent is a powerful native advertising platform with a lot of options that can help you make your campaigns as great as possible. There are a lot of targeting options you can directly influence to find the best audience for your campaigns. This is all helped with the detailed statistics that RevContent provides through its reports. 

Creating campaigns and running them is a breeze and can be done by most beginners in no time. The system is intuitive and simple to use, so nobody should have issues with it. Creating something that is bound to be successful will need some time and practice, but we are sure you can learn how to do it consistently in no time. 

If you haven’t already, check out RevContent and see for yourself what all the hype behind it is about!

Have you used RevContent? What is your experience with it?

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