The Secrets to Successful Affiliate Marketing

The Secrets to Successful Affiliate Marketing
You’ve been struggling to make a sale since you started affiliate marketing.

You’ve read countless stories about affiliate marketers who net thousands of dollars in commissions in just a few days.

I bet you’re asking yourself what you are doing wrong.

But then, it is beyond what you are doing wrong or right. The key is a couple of secrets no one is sharing with you.

Yes, a couple of secrets!

Information is what sets a successful affiliate marketer apart.

It isn’t about you not doing enough or spending more time. It is about understanding certain factors that have contributed to the success of high earning affiliate marketers.

So, what then are these secrets?

The Secrets to Successful Affiliate Marketing

What you would benefit from this article:

  • Factors that work every time for top affiliate marketers
  • How to be different from other affiliate marketers
  • What sets an affiliate marketer different from a salesperson
  • How to successfully make repeat affiliate sales

Wait…. Before we start on the secrets, let’s consider a couple of mistakes affiliate marketers make

Affiliate marketers, especially newbies, make a lot of mistakes. These are mistakes that successful affiliate marketers have learned to avoid.

Just like trying to get a product from the store, you want value for your money. It is the same with affiliate marketing. Your target audience wants value for their time, and subsequently money too.

These are “miracle” tactics and tricks that you should avoid entirely.

Let’s get to them.

Don’t Be a Desperate Salesman

The word "Salesman" brings to mind the company official who knocks from door to door giving people a thousand and one reason why they should buy his products. This person gives in to desperation that he praises the product almost out of proportion.

It can even be the cold calling salesman who calls every day about the same or different product.

You are a marketer. To every product, there would always be a good and bad side. Be balanced in your review.

Objectivity is very important. It increases the chances of people trusting your reviews.

Let your audience read the reviews and make their decisions.

Don’t Copy Content

Google gets smarter by the minute. It will detect copied content. There is no hiding place on the internet.

If your game is to go to the product description page and copy the content with just a few edits, you are attracting Google’s wrath on your website.

Understand and know well the product you are reviewing.

Focus on a Niche

It may not look good when you are promoting every product that comes your way because of high commissions. Your website should be known for a particular niche. This makes you a respected authority in this niche.
Focusing on a niche would help you organize the kinds of products you promote.

Banner Ads Aren’t the Thing Any Longer

According to research from Google, the average CTR (click-through rate) for banner ads is 0.06%. More, according to eMarketer, about 25% of United States internet users now use ad blockers. Lastly, according to Media Week, 60% of clicks on banner ads are accidental.

With all these statistics, you can realize clearly why your banner ads aren’t working.

You need to up your game.

Google May Not Provide all the Traffic You Need

Newbies rely on Google traffic mostly. However, they get disappointed after a couple of weeks with the results they are seeing.

Google is huge and millions of searches are done every minute. According to Google, 3.8 million searches are done averagely in a minute. However, what if you don’t get listed on Google’s ranking? Would you lose your business and earnings also?

What are these Affiliate Marketing “Secrets”?

Okay, the word “secret” may seem a little out of context here. This is because these factors are not really “secrets”.

The fact that everyone doesn’t talk about them still doesn’t make them qualify as secrets.

However, they have been tested and proven to have worked effectively, over and again, for top affiliate marketers.

There is no magic, trick, or mystery to these factors.

Let’s get to what top affiliate marketers know that you don’t.

Don’t Market Product Features, Market Solutions

People want solutions to problems. They want to see what works and what doesn’t.

It is easy for you to give reviews for most of the article. But the visitors to your website want solutions to their problems.

  • You need to know your audience
  • You have to understand the problems of your audience.
  • You need to know why visitors come to your website
  • You need to understand their fears and needs
  • Knowing these factors helps you to connect them with the solutions they need.

This is what top affiliate marketers do. They understand their audience and sell solutions to them.

They create content that is specifically targeted to solve problems.

And to create quality content, they spend a lot of time and resources researching.

For instance, the top affiliate marketer sells:

⮚ The dream of a perfect body, and not weight loss eBooks
⮚ The picture of an attractive and effective blog, and not just blog templates
⮚ The hope of love, sweet memories, and fulfillment, and not just relationship eBooks and matchmaking services

The sooner you understand that people put money on solutions, benefits, convenience, and the hope of a better life, the better your chances are for higher revenues.
No one buys features; people buy solutions.

Consider this example from the Sit ‘n Sleep Blog.

Sit'n Sleep Blog
Source: The Sit ‘n Sleep Blog

This article promotes the secrets to getting a better night’s sleep. It focuses on the tips that can be of help to people who have been having trouble sleeping or even enjoying their sleep.

Newbies don’t connect problems with solution, they just write product reviews which turn out to be ineffective and boring.

Connection to the reader is key. Once the reader can see solutions in the content, the conversions will roll in.

Note that: there is no hard and fast rule to becoming a top affiliate marketer; research about the problem and tailor solutions to it.

What Role Do You Play in the Affiliate Marketing Cycle?

There is a large market existing outside of you. If you choose not to sell anything, someone else would. Thus, the fact that you market or sell does not make you more special than you place yourself.

Why would anyone want to buy a product through you and not just head to the store?

The doors of the online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Target, are open 24/7, yet you’re looking out for the same customers.

The role you play is simply establishing a connection between the buyer and the seller.

But the buyer could have gone to the seller directly. Worse, the seller might not even know the product exists.

You make yourself relevant by providing valuable information to the buyer. The solution you gave in the objective review is the value you sell.

You have the chance to make the best out of the opportunity you have. You can always hit a home run with your reviews when they have value.

This infographic explains roles clearly: Click Here

Quite easy, an affiliate marketer brings both parties together and he earns a commission for doing so.

No fraud. No shady business. All clean and transparent

It is only required that the affiliate marketer provides value while introducing the product.

The bulk of the online audience checks out blogs to get valuable information. This is the advantage of an affiliate marketer. The opportunity is open to making a good impression. This infographic clearly shows it.

Blogging Good For Business.png
Source: LYFE Marketing

If 81% of United States consumers trust advice and information from blogs, it shows that there is a large opportunity to be the blog of the first choice in a particular niche.

It is almost unbelievable, most times when top affiliate marketers mention that they net over a million yearly. However, it was a gradual process.

They built trust at the inception and maintained the relationship on that standard.

With this strategy, there can only be more visitors.

Don’t Just Review, Create an Experience

Anyone can start a website, get some affiliate links, and copy the product information on the product page. This is what most newbies do. They just copy and edit a few things to arrive at their definition of uniqueness.

Well, if you do this, you are building a bad reputation for your blog and people would hardly want to return.

You need to give your readers a reason to bookmark your web page and want to come back. This is only achievable by giving experience.

Let your readers get the two sides of the story – the pros and cons.

The most preferable story is one from personal experience.

Look at the image below to see how personal experience can make for an interesting read:

Bass Guitars

The interesting thing about this blog post is that the blogger gives a personal experience with every product. The information on tuning, chords, and others was clearly stated.

With this, the blogger can give pros and cons on every product.

Buyers want to make their decisions after weighing their options – looking at the pros and cons – and seeing what they can and can’t let go of.

Becoming an authority in a niche means that more value is given to your content. Check out this blog post by Neil Patel

Neil Patel
This information becomes more attractive because it is coming from a reputable brand like Neil Patel.

This didn’t happen in the space of months, this took years of building.

Neil Patel has established a solid reputation as a blogger and an SEO expert. His blog comes among the first 5 search results when it is about SEO, traffic, etc.

But then, it is not always the case that a blogger is writing from personal experiences. There are several situations where the blogger may not be able to access or afford the product. What then happens?

This is where research comes in. It is very important to thoroughly research the product to be able to give a substantial review of it.

You can interview other bloggers who have written about the products. You can read their posts.

As much as you do not intend to devalue any product, you must look out for the cons.

The cons help to attract more trust for your blog as you sound objective with your review.

Consider this example:

Vertical Response
Source: Vertical response

It is highly possible that this blogger hasn’t tried 10 out of the 40 methods suggested. However, with good research, the blogger has been able to give valuable content notwithstanding the lack of personal experience.

Always have in mind that people want value for their time and value – you have the platform – give the value.

Give authentic and objective reviews and your click-through-rate is bound to increase.

Be a Problem Solver, Build Trust, and Market Confidently

One thing sets the blogger apart from the traditional salesman that goes from house to house or office to office. The blogger does not go knocking on every door trying to sell to people what they might not be interested in.

The traditional salesman either goes around trying to sell the product or makes cold calls trying to persuade a sale.

In the desperation to sell the product, the salesman would mostly blow the features of the product beyond proportion. Not a single word about the cons would be spoken. That is not from an objective point of view.

However, a blogger looks beyond making a sale. A blogger looks at solving a problem. The sale comes in as a part of problem-solving.

Other tips apart from the use of the product are given.

The goal of a topnotch blogger is to build long term relationships based on trust with the readers. This relationship would persuade them into buying and coming back for more solutions.

Showing your readers that you care about their problems and providing solutions would help you rank well in search engine results. Google, for instance, would always put valuable and solution-oriented web content first.

Check out this example:

Good Housewives
Source: Good Housewives

The blog focuses on the need and fear of people safely losing weight. The information provided here is first hand and very helpful.

The article was written by the Director of Nutrition Lab. This gives more professional authority to the content.

Even though there are links to products, it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. The read gives valuable information one could have paid a health consultant for.

Eating well portrays a very good picture of how affiliate marketing should be.

The article was completely helpful and valuable content.

Check it out:

Eating well
Source: Eating well

The article ends with marketing juicers. At least, if you want to make these juices, you would need a good juicer. It makes perfect sense.

Eating well
Source: Eating Well

Employ Email Marketing for a Good Relationship

Email marketing has been noted to bring in about 42% of traffic to affiliate marketers.

Haden Interactive
Source: Haden Interactive.

Many affiliate marketers don’t pay attention to this traffic source; many even consider it a waste of time. Well, it isn’t.

Email marketing allows you to retain visitors who enjoy the value you create and want to follow posts and updates.

You can always send them daily mails. These emails can contain some helpful articles and some product links.

When you send valuable content, buyers wouldn’t be scared to try out the products you recommend.

You can always get an autoresponder if you cannot be writing the mails daily.

With MailChimp or any other tool, you can send emails to thousands of people daily.

I cannot fully state the importance of email marketing to grow your revenue.

Mark Ling of Affiliorama would always talk about email marketing. Charles Ngo also acknowledges the effectiveness of this approach.

These are top affiliate marketers who net millions in annual income.

Those are the secrets!

There is no other secret to making it in affiliate marketing. You have got to do the work.

People pay for value. Provide it.

Be a problem solver and you would be counting thousands in dollars.

Affiliate marketing is just like how Facebook or Google runs. Facebook came on with the solution to long-distance social relations and catching up with old friends, it has remained relevant since.

Google came on to solve the problem of search.

These tools have made billions for the founders.

When you go copying product reviews and spamming content, you won’t go far before you are exhausted.

Give it time and dedication. Become an authority in your niche.

Connect problems, fears, and needs with solutions. That’s the way to go.

There is no one-click solution to it. No function button will get you the millions.

What are you waiting for?