Tips to Use Email Marketing Effectively

Tips to Use Email Marketing Effectively
58% of consumers check their emails first thing in the morning and 60% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message by email. - Optinmonster.

Email marketing has proven to be very effective in converting subscribers and providing considerable returns on investment.

Insights for Professionals reports that email marketing yields $44 for every $1 spent. This makes email marketing very cost-efficient and a channel that cannot be ignored.

This is a channel of an open rate of 23% and the click-through rate is 3.71%. It conveniently makes customers out of subscribers when done effectively.

It is the same convenience that makes 44% of users check their emails for deals from brands. There is hardly any other channel that beats this.

However, some brands are missing out on what email marketing has to offer. While 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention, many haven’t gotten email marketing right yet.

Here are helpful tips to use email marketing more effectively.

Work on Your Subject Line

You can either nail it or spoil it with your subject line.

Your subject line is what your subscribers see first. This line helps them make the choice of either opening the email or simply moving to the next one.

If interest and curiosity are not inspired by your subject line, whatever effort you have put into the email copy might not yield much returns.

Five Ways to Create Subject Lines that Convert

Employ Actionable Language

This is way more than just using verbs. This is being strategically persuasive. You want the subscriber to be curious enough to open the email.

Consider a subject line like “Reserve your seat at the 25th Annual Bordeaux Opera.” Your subscriber knows what to expect when the email gets open. Action words can be very helpful with this. (download, make, take, buy, invest)

However, not all actionable language requires verbs. You can still create subject lines that would nail it and arouse curiosity in the subscribers. Consider this subject line: “Don’t Miss Ed Sheeran at the Apollo Tonight.” This would convert a lot of Ed Sheeran fans who haven’t gotten their tickets.

Be Direct

NicheHacks, for example, sent me an email with the subject line “All successful niche websites are built on just these 3 principles.” That got me curious as an affiliate marketing enthusiast.

Consider a subject line like: “Successful Niche Principles”. The subject line would make me disinterested at the moment and push it for later. And, I may end up not reading it.

The goal is to inspire interest. The directness and promise of brevity would lure easily.

Keep it as Short as Possible

Return Path reports that 49.1% of email users check their mails through handheld devices. This means if your subject line is too long, the subscriber would not get the message you are passing across.

Pass the message across in a few words.

Spend considerable time working on your subject line.

Personalize It

Campaign Monitor pointed out that personalized subject lines increase email open rate by 26%. This is substantial, but wait for this. Personalization improves click-through rate by 14% and conversion by 10%.

Personalizing your subject line will make it standout from the other mails your subscribers get. You create a compelling subject line when you use first names, interests, birthdays, or localization.

This requires some extra work but it is worth it.

Emoji can come in handy

Send Pulse reports that 56% of brands using emoji in their email lines had a higher open rate. One trending hack that could be of great help.

Emoji captures that attention of email users by being different from the bulk of text they have from the others. More, emoji can fit in where words can’t.

Increase Interest with the Preview Text

The next thing your subscribers see after your subject line is the preview text, and virtually everyone who would open your email would read the preview text.

The preview text gives an anticipation of what to expect when opening the mail.

You should endeavor to keep it interesting and engaging. You don’t want to lose your audience before they get to listen to you.

Increase Interest with the Preview Text
The preview text from CNN gives brief highlights of news items to expect in the email. This is like making a promise. And when you do make a promise in the preview text, make sure to fulfill it.

Just like the subject line, shortness and brevity may be preferable.

Increase Conversion Rate with Personalization

You can pique the interest of your subscribers by sending emails tailored to their peculiarities.

According to research carried out by HubSpot, 51% of marketers say segmenting email lists is one of their most effective personalization tactics. More, segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue.

When people subscribe to your newsletters or mailing list, you extract information like location, name, date of birth, and some others. These pieces of information would help you place readers in segments.

According to WordStream, click-through rates are 100.95% higher in segmented email campaigns than non-segmented campaigns.

You need to break your email list to separate your subscribers according to their peculiarities. With this, you can target your audience to act on the messages you send.

Another way of keeping personal is to write as if you are having a conversation with a friend.

Email copies are written to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people but you have to make it personal. Subscribers get the emails privately and you want to have a conversation with every subscriber.

Being conversational gives a special appeal and increases conversion rates.

Check out this email from Dan Lok. It uses the name of the reader and employs words like “you” and “your” which make the mail sound personal.


Keep It Simple

Unless you are writing to people in a particular profession, you should avoid the use of technical words or jargon.

Your readers are most likely random subscribers who are interested in what you do and would like to hear from you. And probably, do business with you.

You cannot simply assume they would understand the technicalities you’ve used in your copywriting. Be simple with it.

Simple Text Article
Source: Really Good Mails

Don’t Be Boring with it

There is a general assumption that emails from businesses are mostly boring. You’ve got to prove that wrong.

You should be engaging with your email. Use experiences, popular news, and relatable items to sustain the curiosity of your subscribers.

Your emails don’t have to be long text; you can keep it the text short and have pictures and call to actions.

Short Text Emails
Source: Really Good Mails

Use white space to make it readable.

When you realize that it is hard to avoid sending a boring email, use pictures or infographics.

You can also use videos. A study of 1 billion emails, reported on WordStream, revealed that video emails see CTRs 96% higher than non-video emails.

Avoid Spam Filters

Email marketing is a very efficient marketing strategy; you don’t want to lose out by having your emails pile in subscribers’ spam folders. You want to have your emails read.

Here are few things you should note to avoid spamming:

⮚ Avoid sending only graphics in emails without text. Ensure that the email is a mixture of both.

⮚ Avoid the use of words like “donate” in the subject line. WordStream reports that using the word “Donate” in your subject line can reduce open rate by 50% or more. Studies have also revealed that nonprofits lose about $15k/year in donations due to spam filters blocking fundraising campaign emails from prospects’ inboxes.

⮚ Avoid traditional sales call to action and spammy words in your mail. Make it organic and native.

Use a Single Call to Action

Avoid the temptation to riddle the mail with call to actions; it can be annoying and would make your email uninteresting.

Use a single and simple call to action in the entire mail. In situations where more than one may be required, make it organic. Weave the links in the body of the email copy to make it natural.

Single Call To Action
Source: Really Good Mails

Final words

Writing an email copy that converts requires paying attention to certain details. You want your subscribers to be interested in reading the mail and to take action. Thus, you’ve got to optimize.

Nail it with the subject line; sustain interest with the preview text; personalize; keep it conversational in the body; use relatable words; and be direct with your call to action.

You can test the email by first sending it to a select few.

Don’t forget to keep it short and avoid technical languages.