Top 10 Must-Attend Conferences & How to Take Advantage of Attending Them

Top 10 Must-Attend Conferences & How to Take Advantage of Attending Them
As an affiliate marketer who spends about 10 - 12 hours daily working on different campaigns, it can be tough to decide to take a break and travel to attend a conference or a trade show.

But in a competitive industry like affiliate marketing, one has to keep learning and finding out new ways to do it bigger and better.

And there is hardly a better opportunity for this than trade shows.

A trade show is an industry event where several industry players from affiliates, affiliate managers, affiliate networks, partners, to developers of digital marketing tools gather to network, discuss, and discover new opportunities.

At a trade show, you get to meet industry guys who have successfully run campaigns and have lots to share from personal experience.

The opportunity of meeting someone who has successfully done what you are doing is not one to come by every day.

Moreover, affiliate marketers and a lot of other guys in the industry are busy and networking with them remotely may not be as effective as it would be when meeting them in person.

The wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from an event is enormous. These are just a few of the reasons why you should start making plans to attend more conferences this year.

In this article, I will share with you the top 10 must-attend trade shows and how to take advantage of attending them.

Let’s get to it.

Top 10 Must-Attend Conferences

The trade shows on this list have been drawn out of the experiences of top affiliate marketers and the quality of content and organization.

These are events you should note in your calendar and start making plans to attend. The order of this list is by date - from earlier to later.

Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West
This event is held a few months earlier than Affiliate Summit East. It is held on Monday, January 27, - Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

The Affiliate Summits are about the biggest industry events - you don’t want to miss any.

Apart from the event happening in Las Vegas, which is an awesome place to be at any time of the year, it is an event that pulls an affiliate marketing industry crowd of 6000+.

Imagine all the networking you can do amid 6000+ industry stakeholders. You get to meet people who face the same challenges, as well as those looking for the best offers, traffic sources, and technology.

To help your networking, there will be networking hubs, seating areas, interactive features, vertical meet-ups, and roundtables. You even get to meet companies while you are relaxing.

Performance marketing is getting bigger every year and this is one event that focuses on it. You get the chance to create partnerships with companies that can help grow your business.

At ASW20, there were over 150 sessions from 75+ of the biggest minds and brightest names in affiliate marketing.

TES Affiliate Conferences

TES Affiliate Conferences
With more than 4000 participants from 80+ countries, TES Affiliate Conferences attracts a large audience from several parts of the world. More than 125 speakers and 200+ exhibitors will be at the event. Since inception in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences have been a melting pot for affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, and publishers.

TES Affiliate Conference will be held between the 28th of February and the 2nd of March 2020, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 3-day event is structured to help you develop new skills, network, and get clear insights on how to do business better. Apart from the engaging and informative presentations at the event, critical industry information will be shared and participants get to make projections easily.

At this conference, there are structured and informal networking opportunities to meet with companies, advertisers, publishers, and other players in the digital marketing world.

Later in the year, another TES Affiliate Conference will be held in Prague. The date for this is the 11th - 14th of September, 2020.


Just as the name implies, LeadsCon conference is an industry event that places focus on quality lead generation and direct response marketing (online).

LeadsCon is one of the biggest events in the affiliate marketing industry and it features over 100 speakers at each event. At the event, the latest marketing technology is also showcased.

LeadsCon hosts about 5000 people at each event. A major pull is perhaps the unparalleled insights and access to marketing leaders.

Panel sessions at the event are structured to be all-inclusive. It’s not just a dialogue between the moderators and the panel speakers, but one with robust audience participation. The panel is structured in a way that would encourage interaction and the sharing of ideas and perspectives.

The Las Vegas LeadsCon event takes place from 30th of March to - 1st of April, 2020 at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.

Traffic Conversion Summit

Traffic Conversion Summit
Known as the ‘premier gathering of digital marketers on earth’, Traffic & Conversion Summit is one of the largest digital marketing events. With 10,000+ attendees, 108 sessions, and 80 speakers, all within 3 days, you’ll be glad you took a break off work for this event.

Unless you’re an extreme recluse, the structure of this event gives more than enough room for networking and also helps to break the ice to foster smoother interactions. With nightly happy hours and several networking events, you’re bound to form strategic partnerships with people like yourself but also those who have advanced more.

The Traffic Conversion Summit is like 7 events in one. Knowing that the digital marketing world is large and different players want to solve different problems, several events are tailored to suit different audiences. From those in search of the next big idea to those looking for tips, tricks, and hacks for growth, every participant is catered for.

The event is held in San Diego, California, from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April, 2020.


The organizing team has been able to gather experts in digital marketing from all over the world to give players in the industry insights, updates, and projections.

Panelists at the event are selected based on both the value of their information and their ability to offer a compelling presentation. The careful pre-session review ensures each speaker has an agreed amount of time to talk and that the presentations complement rather than overlap each other.

At this event, there will be considerable networking opportunities, digital copies of presentations, a souvenir bag to keep your stuff, and carefully prepared meals (not lunch boxes).

This event happens twice in a year: the Spring and the Autumn version. The spring version is from the 24th to the 28th of May, 2020. The Autumn version takes place from the 15th to the 18th of November, 2020. It is held in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


With an expected audience of 2500 digital marketing industry players, AWSummit is one of the industry events to add to your list for 2020. Since the first edition in 2014, the summit has grown to have more than 180 companies and 150+ CEOs in a single event.

At his event, you will get to meet decision-makers, traffic experts, affiliates representatives, services companies, entertainers, AD Networks specialists, camsites, and all the major studios on the market.

Some of the exciting features of the event include the Business Village, Executive lounge, Brainfull, MasterClasses for Entertainers, Digital MasterClasses and certainly the AW Awards. The event is structured to mix interactive learning sessions with social activities so that networking can go on smoothly amongst participants.

If you are interested in either the adult world or the mainstream aspect of digital marketing, you are sure to meet experts in various fields with whom you can enter into partnerships and working relationships.

AW Summit takes place between 2nd to 5th of June 2020 at the Phoenicia Hotel, Mamaia / Romania.

Affiliate World Europe

Affiliate World Europe
This event happens every year and is one of my favorites. It draws the world’s brightest digital marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. This presents an ocean of business opportunities you can take advantage of.

The AWE 2020 will have about 200 advertisers, affiliate networks, and traffic sources exhibiting their products and services.

This industry melting pot will host more than 3000 attendees. Also, more than 30 speakers shall be discussing various issues at the event and 150+ affiliate networks will be present.

AWE 2020 features an optional add-on training day.

After the conference, the Facebook Mastery and E-Commerce Mastery Live events are scheduled for the 10th and 11th of July.

Attendees at the event get the opportunity to have access to four niche labs spread over two action-packed days. Called Networking Mixers, the two-hour sessions niche labs are targeted to help you build strong connections.

The niches are native ads, e-commerce marketing, digital agency, and mobile push ads.

The SheCommerce workshop is held the day before the conference. You can attend to be inspired and connect with the present and next generation of women e-commerce experts.

The event takes place 8th - 9th of July, 2020 at the Fira Barcelona - Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain.

Affiliate Marketing East

Affiliate Marketing East
This is an affiliate marketing summit with a bang. This industry event hosts up to 6000+ attendees and features a wide range of speakers and networking opportunities.

At the Affiliate Marketing East 2019, there were 5000+ attendees and 75 expert speakers. 310 exhibitors and sponsors were also around.

This event is a melting pot for decision-makers in the industry. These decision-makers include online publishers, influencers, media owners, traffic sources, advertisers, global brands, affiliate networks, technology firms, agencies, and other solution providers.

You have the opportunity of meeting guys who have successfully established their presence in the digital marketing world and are eager to find business opportunities. Jeremy Schoemaker, the President of SHOEMONEY MEDIA GROUP noted that he met a person at the event with whom he ended up doing millions of dollars of business.

Affiliate Summit East will be held this year from the 26th - 28th of July, 2020 at the Marriott Marquis, New York.

Though passes might be a little pricey, they are worth it. They give access to several events lined up for the 3-day summit.


This is an industry event that hosts 40,000+ people and has over 1000 sponsors. Wow!

Top digital marketing companies from all over the world send representatives and speakers to this event. With the number of people at this event, you’d get lost in networking opportunities.

Market leaders, global players, and new marketers from more than 35 categories present all the dimensions of digital marketing at the exposition. The event pulls marketing and media professionals, doers and visionaries and tech-enthusiasts.

You have the chance to reach out to professionals across the board as this event is like a city of marketers.

A lot of brands, agencies, and decision-makers would feature in the World of Agencies. This Expo format offers you exciting companies and interesting content with a touch of innovative design.

There is also the Future Park where all-digital future topics will be united in the DMEXCO Future Park. This is the meeting place for innovators and visionaries at the event.

The EXPO is held on the 23rd and 24th of September, 2020 in Cologne, Germany.

Affiliate World Asia

Affiliate World Asia
This is another conference by Affiliate World. Affiliate World Asia is a big industry event that hosts almost 4000 players in the digital marketing world. The event is a mix of top-performing affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Affiliate World Asia happens in December and the line of the event features innovative and interactive sessions on how to enter new markets and make the best out of ongoing campaigns. The 2019 edition featured the very best in several aspects of the industry. For instance, Nick Shackelford, a leading Facebook ads specialist, presented at the event.

The Affiliate World conferences have been noted to be among the best conferences a player in the industry can attend. After every summit, a replay is provided on the organizer’s YouTube channel for those who missed the event.

How to Take Advantage of Attending a Conference

It is easy to get lost in the crowd or carried away by the lined-up activities of the event. It’s vital not to miss out on personal goals and objectives.

A trade show should be seen as a marketing campaign; there should be a considerable return on investment. If you calculate the amount you’d spend on flight tickets (or bus), hotel, passes, and other essential expenses and the value of your time, you’d realize that a lot has to be achieved at the event.

Here are ways you can take advantage of attending a conference-

Plan Ahead

Take your time to do your research about each event. Is it going to be worth your time and money? Research the previous editions and go through the list of sessions lined-up. A lot of industry events happen yearly, you should be assertive about your choices.

Calculate how much you’d spend and start to make moves. Early registration always comes with its benefits and perks. Booking your flight earlier is also a smart economic choice.

This is also where you’d write out your goals and objectives for attending each event. Your personal goals are about the greatest motivation for your participation. Poor or late planning may have you miss out on some essential things.

Do Your Research

This may sound like a subset of planning but it is equally vital.

Having decided which events to attend, do your research about the speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Also, find out about the companies that would be present.

The reason for doing this: you can plan on which key people to meet and network with. Also, 1:1 interaction with affiliate managers and affiliate networks can open your mind to many industry trends you may not have been aware of.


This point cannot be overemphasized. One of the major reasons for an event like this is networking. The fact that you have the opportunity to meet and learn from people in your industry is an opportunity that you should make the most of.

Note key individuals or categories of individuals you want to network with. You may plan to meet with affiliate managers or specific brands - make that a priority. Exchange contacts and be ready to learn. Be open-minded and polite!

You should also meet with people who are not on your priority list. You’d never know who you can meet and the great relationship that can come as a result.

Have questions handy to ask people and take in as many ideas and perspectives as possible.

To help your networking, you need to be able to get contacts down. You can use a tool like Google Spreadsheets to save details.

Don’t forget to get a lot of business cards.

Follow Up

This should be done immediately and after. Affiliate marketers and other guys in the industry are very busy. They may not respond to your cold emails and LinkedIn messages after the event.

When you meet executives and top players, it is preferable to send them a connection request and InMail (if you use LinkedIn premium) during the event. They are not at work and would most likely respond sooner.

After the event, be in touch with those you have networked with and forge long-lasting relationships.

Visit Booths

Take some personal time to visit booths. There is a lot of valuable information and insights exhibitors have that can help you scale faster.

Most times, the booths are always busy during the breaks, and this may limit your chances of having detailed discussions with brand representatives. Go during sessions.

Find a keynote address or speech you can skip to give you the chance to visit the booths. At this time, they can give you considerable attention.

Get prospectus and helpful materials from exhibitors. Having an empty briefcase or a duffel bag would help with the materials.

Take Notes

This is very important. You can’t remember everything but you can always go back to your notes.

If you feel lazy, ask if there would be audio recordings of the sessions and get them. Sometimes, you may have to pay extra for these but they are worth it.

The important thing is to keep the knowledge in a retrievable format.

If you are a blogger, you can use the information you have gotten at this event to create content for your blog. You’d be surprised by the amount of traffic this can draw to your website.

Final Words…

The organizers of trade shows are always working on giving the best quality content and experience at each event. It may cost you time and money but you’d hardly get the kind of information and opportunity elsewhere.

There is no other event that can bring industry players together like a conference. Many of these events feature more than 4000 attendees and tickets sell out fast.

Make trade shows a part of your yearly schedules and check off goals at every event. Your business and brand would be better because of it!