Top Paid Traffic Sources You Can Use Today

Top Paid Traffic Sources You Can Use Today
Relying solely on SEO for traffic can be limiting. There are about 4 billion internet users and a billion more is expected to come online in 2020. Thus, just like fishing in one pool, you are limited to a traffic source.

There are millions, if not billions, of people who are interested in what you have to offer. The problem is: there are millions of websites competing for the same audience. If you don’t reach out, you may be losing out on a lot of traffic.

Free traffic is good. Paid traffic is a lot better.

Paid traffic allows you to access the billions of people on social media; target them by their interests, demographics, age, peculiarities, and some other features.

Paid traffic also draws traffic from very popular websites like CNN, Forbes, and many others to your website.

Search engine ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide a lot of potential for your business. Research reveals that brand awareness can be increased by 80% through Google paid ads.

Mobile ads, push traffic, discovery traffic, pop traffic, and redirect traffic also bring in a lot of traffic. You’d be surprised at how you can get an amazing amount of traffic for very cheap.

How Does Paid Traffic Work?

How Does Paid Traffic Work?
Source: Disruptive Advertising

Paid traffic is sourced from an ad network or ad exchange.

An ad network is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers. You register with an ad network and several publishers would direct traffic towards you.

An ad exchange is a digital marketplace that enables advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space, usually through real-time auctions. They are most often used to sell display, video, and mobile inventory. An ad exchange opens another market for advertisers to bid on display advertising across the internet.

The advertiser pays on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM) structure. Cost per click is more popular and cost per mille simply means cost per a thousand views or clicks.

As an advertiser, your budget determines the extent to which your ads would go. Getting to feature on Google Ads could be as expensive as $100 per click; on some other platform, it could be as low as $0.5. But then, the quality cannot be compared.

Below is a rundown of top paid traffic sources you can use today.

Top Paid Traffic Sources You Can Use to Generate Amazing Leads

Google Ads

How Does Paid Traffic Work?
Statcounter reveals that from November 2018 to November 2019 Google had 92.96% of the worldwide search engine market share.

It is equally worth mentioning that about 90% of internet users see Google Display Ads. Moreover, Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results.

Thus, if you are prepared to reach as many internet users as possible, Google Ads is a good place to start. Crypto Visibility reveals that 65% of search results clicks go to Google Ads with buyer intent keywords. Keywords like sale, best price, discount, checkout, and free delivery come up the most.

Though Google Ads requires a large budget, especially if the niche is very competitive, it has the potential to help you scale if you do it right. About 1.5 million businesses advertise with Google Ads and according to statistics, the average ROI on a Google Ads campaign is 200%.

Matalan, a United Kingdom-based online fashion and homeware retailer, reported that every 1 pound spent on Google Ads brought in 46 pounds worth of revenue.

However, if you are new, you may want to step back a little as you can lose your entire budget in a matter of hours. Understand what you are offering and take time to study what converts more in your niche. Also, optimize your website for the best user experience.

To help out, Google now has dynamic search ads. This feature customizes your ads based on what is on your website and what users are searching for. This relieves you of the stress of trying to find fitting keywords every time.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Source: The Drum

First, statistics from Social Media Today reveals that there are 2.37 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Of those, 1.56 billion people are logging in every day. These figures make Facebook the biggest social media platform there is. It is equally an amazingly large market to draw traffic.

Facebook reveals that 3 million businesses actively advertise on the platform. This is not surprising as the wide variety of users gives room for a lot of businesses to operate.

Facebook also accounts for 80.4% of the United States’ social referral share to e-commerce sites.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Facebook is the ability to reach a target audience in an exactly intended way. You can target by demographics, age, interests, status, or find prospects similar to a group you know already works using lookalike audiences.

You also have the option of using slides, videos, text, images, or collections for your campaign.

You also have the option of creating static or dynamic campaigns, small or big campaigns, retargeting campaigns, campaigns with a huge or limited budget.

Facebook also has very helpful ad options. Lead ads make it easy to get information. Link ads send people to your website. And some ads contain in-Facebook product catalogs that do automatic retargeting.

There is a lot to learn but it is very easy to get started with.

For a new advertiser, it is a good place to start as it is very easy to use.


Source: Outbrain

Outbrain does not do ads. Instead, it provides platforms where you put links to your content. It then lies on you to provide interesting and engaging content to convert the visitors.

Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform. It reaches the audience from all over the world through distribution on top publisher sites, including CNN, Fox News, and many others.

Outbrain is featured on almost 300,000 publisher sites. When it comes to content discovery, this is the biggest fish in the pond.

Its tool known as Outbrain Amplify offers a cost per click bidding system. The tool offers the ability to test multiple headlines directed to the same content and utilize device targeting, geographic targeting, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences.

The traffic from Outbrain is of very high quality and its algorithms behind its content discovery platform are constantly working to get the most engaged audience.

According to an analysis, the traffic from Outbrain is far more engaged than those from search or social.

Outbrain offers both free and paid options for advertisers.


Source: Taboola

Taboola is one of the world’s largest content discovery platforms. It serves over 450 billion recommendations to over 1.4 billion unique visitors every month.

They help publishers with a suite of predictive tools and products that drive audience development, optimize on-site engagement, and maximize revenue across devices and platforms.

Taboola recommendations appear on many of the world’s most trusted and visited sites including MSN, NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, Yahoo! Japan, and more.

Things are going to get bigger for publishers as Taboola and Outbrain announced in October 2019 that they are merging. This new move is expected to increase revenue for publishers as recommendations would be done on a much bigger scale than before.

The product offerings of the new entity has been expanded to include video, analytics, programmatic advertising, and editorial products.


Source: Hootsuite

Pinterest reported 291 million monthly active users as of Q1 2019. Over one-third of Pinterest monthly active users are from the United States. But, in 2018, about 80% of sign ups were from outside the United states.

Moreover, women account for 79.5% of Pinterest users, and according to statistics, women between the ages of 25 - 54 make 80% of buying decisions in United States households.

What these figures mean for affiliate marketing is that there is very high quality traffic on Pinterest.

Sproutsocial reports that 27% of global marketers are already using Pinterest for promotion as 90% of weekly users turn to the platform to help them make purchasing decisions.

With quality and helpful content, you can be a winner on Pinterest. 78% of users say content from brands is useful. Pinterest reports that 61% of users said they have discovered new brands or products from promoted pins, and half of them made a purchase after seeing one.

Pinterest ads are not pricey. Small to mid-sized businesses can expect to pay around 10 cents to $1.50 per click for Pinterest ads. The minimum is 10 cents.


Source: Venas News

Though not the biggest in the content discovery niche, MGID provides a worldwide coverage and records multi-million daily impressions.

MGID’s main audience is in English-speaking countries, however it has no geographical restrictions for accepted sites.

MGID has been reported to be one of the earliest in the native advertising niche and it is equally one of the friendliest to affiliate marketers. It requires only a deposit of $100 to start the first campaign.

To further help affiliate marketers, MGID has a pro editorial team to help craft ideas.


Source: Dianomi

Dianomi is in the content discovery niche of its own - business and finance. This network serves over 5 billion content ads in a month.

The network strategically reaches about 175 million global readers. Its content ads appear on publishers platforms like The Telegraph, Fortune, Vox Media, Entrepreneur, American Banker, Business Insider, The Street, MSN Money, WSJ, Reuters, Forbes, Newsweek, and many other premium publishers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The quality of traffic from Dianomi is very high as the readers are affluent, many of which have an average income of $97,500 per year.


Source: Zac Johnson

Revcontent is another leading content discovery platform that reaches 97% of the United States and serves over 250 billion impressions per month.

Revcontent has a simple, user-friendly interface and it can get your content to top publisher sites like Forbes.

It provides cheaper traffic when compared to other ad networks. Revcontent offers very low bids and small deposits.

It also trumps with more granular targeting than Facebook, Outbrain, and Taboola. Facebook offers about 800 interests while Revcontent does over 3000. This opens a wider net to draw traffic with.

Revcontent also does an amazing job with Whitelist and Blacklists. It provides options like placements, interest topics, brand, geo, and device type.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads
Source: Hootsuite

Twitter Arthouse reveals that Twitter users spend 26% more time with ads than other social media users.

In Q1 2019, Twitter reported that it had 330 million monthly active users. According to Hootsuite, Twitter has 145 million monetizable daily active users and the number is increasing. These are users that see ads.

Twitter has high-quality traffic and has seen an increasing rise in ads. It offers a wide potential to advertisers as its users are more likely to be swayed towards interesting and engaging content.

Research has it that 94% of users plan to buy something from a Small and Medium-scale Business or Enterprise they follow. 69% bought something because they saw it on Twitter.

Twitter ads can be quite pricey but it offers incredible demographic targeting.

With Twitter, you can promote a tweet, a trend, or an account. You can pay per click, follow video view, impression, engagement, app install, or lead.

You can design your campaign around an objective and the type of promotion and you can define your audience by geography, income, gender, and interests.


Source: Agorapulse

Hootsuite reveals that YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users and the number is growing. This makes it the second-largest search engine in the world.

80% of people who said that they watched a YouTube video related to what they wanted to buy said they did so at the beginning of the buying process. This means as a brand you should provide very helpful and insightful videos that can help users decide for your products.

YouTube ads are quite affordable. YouTube ads have an average cost per view of $0.10 - $0.30 and the views you generate would count towards your overall YouTube viewer count. The average cost of reaching 100,000 viewers is around $20,000.


Source: inMobi

Over 52% of web page traffic comes from mobile. Accordingly, it is expected that over $160 million would be spent on mobile ads worldwide in 2020. This is where inMobi comes in.

inMobi is a leading mobile ad network with an impressive 1 billion monthly uniques. It runs ads on some large ad publishers that your interest in advertising somewhere else would be little.

If you are looking at targeting the Indian market or the Asian audience in general, you should consider this network as it has some super high traffic in these areas.

Final words….

Unless you have a very large budget, you can’t test all the traffic sources to see which works out best for you. However, understanding the demographics and peculiarities of the market you are targeting would do a lot of good.

Carry out extensive research on your audience and get your targeting done right.

Ads can be quite pricey on some platforms like Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn but they have the potential of pushing high-quality traffic towards your content.