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MaxWeb Offer: Reversirol (
CPA: $80
Traffic source: Bing Ads
Targeted region: United States
Spend: $162
Sales: 3
Conversion: $240
Profit: $110
Keywords Targeting: General Keywords



Bing Ads work just like Google Ads since it’s a search engine. Bing does however have a much smaller audience, but can cost cheaper compared to Google Ads (perfect method for testing offers). It also allows Direct Linking to your affiliate offer.

Google and Facebook don't Allow Direct Linking. Here you’ll need a pre-lander or a bridge page before you send them to your offer. Since we are still in a testing phase of our affiliate journey, direct linking makes sense as it's the fastest way to test an offer.

The offer we promoted was “Reversirol” -

This is a type 2 diabetes supplement.

It’s a supplement offer from MaxWeb, which rewards affiliates with an average payout of $80 per sale. 



I was on a limited budget and wanted to target users who already had the intention of buying something that could relieve them of their type 2 diabetes.

I wanted to bid on the brand keywords such as “Reversirol” and “buy Reversirol”, but it is a huge risk and against the advertising terms of MaxWeb. 

In the AIDA Model of the customer journey, broad keywords work well in the Awareness and Interest Stages, but you want more expensive and buyer intent keywords on the Desire and Action stagess.



I decided to do keyword research on low competition and decent search volume, using Google Keywords Ad Planner, Bing Keywords Ad Planner and

I specifically chose long tail and buyer intent keywords. I also did +broad match terms instead of broad and [exact] to target specifically my keywords, but not to be as restricted as exact match types.


Note: Microsoft has replaced +Broad +Match +Modifier with “Phase Match”


I started with a budget of 2000 Rupees per day (or $ 27.5 USD) and increased the budget daily until it reached 4000 Rupees per day (or $ 55 USD). 

I used enhanced bids to target English speakers; the United States as the targeted country and desktop and mobile as devices.


I created two Ad Groups. One for Broad Match Keywords and the 2nd was optimized with a higher bid. Once I found possible keywords and search terms data, I chose the top performing keywords and converted them to broad match (keyword+), then paused the ad groups with all broad keywords.

Result : The 2nd Ad Group (+keyword) performed better with a quality score of 9/10.


These were my two best performing ads. All other ads not performing well in terms of CTR and CPC, I paused.


Zoomed version of the Ad Copy used:



To Direct Link in Bing Ads - you need to have a tracking software to create a tracking link. In my case I used Clickmagick.

Unfortunately, I can no longer show my clickmagick dashboard and how to create tracking links as my 14 day free trial has already expired :)

The tracking link I used below was made with Clickmagick.



For the Final URL :  We use the vendor’s URL (

Tracking Template : (see above) is the tracking link from Clickmagick and it will be the destination URL of the Ad (Bing Ads allows this)



My inspiration or reference when creating ad copies come from spying on competitors ads, running a search in Google & Bing and also looking for ads based on your keywords.


Another place to look for ideas when making ad copies is to look at native ads - they are usually on news websites and they blend in with the news articles so it can be hard to tell if they are an article or ad. In any case, native ads work and they have good clickthrough rates and can be a good reference point to get inspiration from.



After spending 12,000 Rupees (or $162 USD) , including spend on the other Adgroup, we made 3 sales for MaxWeb amounting to $240 total, making a profit of $78.



Yes, $78 in profit is not exactly Record Breaking, but for testing purposes, we believe this MaxWeb offer combined with my Bing Ads Method has great potential. 

The next step would be to optimize the campaign, keywords and scale. We are optimistic for a positive result. 



I know a lot of beginner affiliates have trouble creating landing pages, actually most of the newbie affiliates don’t know how to write high converting blog posts & articles yet. This is when most new affiliates fail. 

That’s why I highly recommend those to follow these steps & strategies and start their own affiliate journey with Bing Ads.

With this strategy, I have shared how you can run an Ad campaign without a Landing Page. You don’t even need to buy a domain or contract a funnel builder. That's why Bing Ads is one of the most affiliate friendly traffic sources, that’s easy to start with and also very cost efficient. 

For High Converting Offers, I always recommend MaxWeb, as their offers are the best.

People always warn that Microsoft Ads do not convert into sales or that it’s full of bot traffic. I use to share this same thought. However, these outcomes have changed my mind and made me a believer in the power of PPC ads. 

Most people say they can only scale their campaigns through Native and Facebook Ads, but if you learn the process of optimization then you can turn any paid campaign into profit. 

If you are able to find a winning demographic with Bing Ads for a particular offer, then you can easily replicate and scale it further with Google Ads. 

Best of luck with your MaxWeb Offer Promotions!