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MaxWeb Offer: Herpesyl (
CPA: $80
Traffic source: Microsoft PPC Ads
Avg. CPC: $2.7
Targeted region: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Spend: $150
Sales: 4
Conversion: $320
Profit: $170
Keywords Targeting: Brand Bidding

Why I Chose Bing Ads For Herpesyl Offer Promotion ?

1. Bing Ads has less competition and cheaper CPC’s.

2. Bing Ads offers more granular control at the campaign and ad group levels.

3. Bing Ads has better device targeting options.

4. Bing Ads offers more transparency and control over search partner targeting.

5. Bing Ads doesn’t force close variants on you.

6. Bing Ads has better social extensions.

7. Bing Ads allows you to control search demographics.


Getting Started


My Golden Rule for Selection any product for Promotion is Start from “SimilarWeb”   

Let me Show You How!

First of all, I always do a lot of market research for every product before starting its promotion. And this is how I generated my first sale of Herpesyl Offer within 24 hours of campaign Setup. So, What I actually look into on SimilarWeb is, its Graph. I simply enter the Product Website name in SimilarWeb & get all the website traffic information and If I found the Graph is rising. That means the website is getting huge traffic and so that means the product is currently in high demand. And now it’s a great time for its promotion through PPC ads. This is how I select the trending offers.




All I need for running a successful campaign


  • High Converting Offers 
  • High Converting Landing Page
  • Quality Traffic to my Lander

I Created a Simple Review Landing Page for “Herpesyl” Offer through Clickfunnels. Most people make it so complicated but I kept my landing page super simple and it converted so well. As human behavior. They much like something easy and straight to the point will definitely work just fine!

And here are some of the Lander design tips that always work for me. 

  • Powerful copy is key to a great landing page.
  • List the benefits and the solution. (Most Important)
  • Create a compelling CTA.
  • Social proof section-testimonials.

Just Break the landing page up into specific sections:

  1. The headline, 
  2. The offer copy, 
  3. The CTA, 
  4. and then social proof. 

It’s the key for a high converting Landing page that always works for me. 


Bing Ads Campaign Setup With Optimisation


Now was the time to set up my Microsoft ads and launch the campaign. The most important part of any paid Advertisement that we must always keep in our mind is Campaign Optimisation. Poor optimization will lead the Ad campaign unsuccessful and results in just loss of money. So I’m going to show you step by step. How I optimized my campaign that generated me 113.33% ROI ‘Return On Investment’.

For the ad groups, I made certain changes to fit the demographics of people who would want to get rid of Herpes, and they are:

  • Gender

So, I created two Ad Groups With “F-AdG” and “M-AdG” names. Here F & M denotes Genders. Female& Male.  

For this, I used the Maxweb SUBID feature.

You can replace SOMETHING with any traffic source identifier of your choice to know where your conversions are coming from. So I put my adgroup name in my SUBID name.

For Male:

For Female:

So, I can have a better understanding of my targeted gender which one is converting into sales, and which one ain’t. And Later I found Female (F-AdG) converts way better than male. So, I optimized the campaign upon the gender data and turned it into more profitable, by excluding the male gender from my campaign. 

It’s a pro tip for new affiliates who can’t afford the price for expensive tracking tools. And they can still track the gender through my Strategy which can be applicable with Maxweb’s affiliate Link which is great.

While using this strategy with the Adgroup to track the gender. We should make sure we Adjust the Bid in gender and Decrease by 90% for male if we have created our Adgroup to track the Female gender. 

  • And, I followed the same steps with M-AdG (Male Gender Adgroup). And Decrease by 90% for females.

2. Age Range

Ages 18 – 24 & 65+ I reduced the CPC bid by 90% so as to minimize the ad impression on that age range, which, according to data, isn't affected by Herpes as much as the 25-64 Age range people. So, I targeted only the ages of 25-64. And It was a wise decision.

3. Device Targeting

Here, I excluded Tablet devices because in my experience I have hardly got a significant conversion rate through Tablet devices. I am not telling, Tablet does not convert it actually converts but at a low rate. So, I did not target Tablet devices.

4. Time (Ad Schedule)

I scheduled the time for 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Monday to Sunday. Because I didn't want my ads running during the time of night when people would be asleep. And this is also beneficial for the Ads to get rid of some bot clicks at the nighttime. 


After setting up my ads, I let it run for a week. I set a daily Ad budget of $30, with a $3 bid, I set my bid higher because as I initially mentioned, I was doing Brand Bidding. And Generally brand bidding always has higher CPC. I was expecting a bid higher than $3 dollars. By the way Avg. CPC for the first two days was just $2.3 and got slightly high to $2.7, that was not a bad deal. But my daily spend was between $20 to $25. It was not exceeding $30 due tight targeting. I focused only on those demographic and devices which generate the most number of sales. And also I was targeting only Exact match keywords that means very limited audience size. And I targeted Buyer Intent Keywords. This is why in Just 56 Clicks, I made 4 conversions. Here is my keyword list that helped me to generate 113% ROI.

Sales Report: 


A lot of people say that Microsoft Ads does not convert into sales. It’s full of bot traffic and just costs money for fake clicks. I also had this same thought. However, my outcomes have changed my mind and made me a believer in the power of PPC ads. 

Most people say they only can scale their campaign through Native and Facebook Ads but It’s not true if you learnt the process of optimization then you can turn any paid campaign into profitable. 

If you are able to find a winning demographic and gender with Bing Ads for a particular offer then you can easily scale it further through Google Ads. 

This is the exact strategy that I've been using for a long time and Crushing with it. And the Best part is you don’t need to do a lot of testing or market research by yourself to find a winning offer if you’re one of Maxweb affiliates.

Their Support team is awesome and so responsive and You can simply reach out to your account manager, who would be more than willing to help out with that. 

Best of luck with your Maxweb offer promotions!