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MaxWeb Offer: Skincell Pro (
CPA: $85
Traffic source: Microsoft Advertising (Bing and Yahoo Ads)
CPC Bid: $1
Targeted region: United States
Spend: $109.94
Sales: 3
Conversion: $255
Profit: $145.06


What are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is a search engine ads platform as part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), alongside Google Ads. Although it has a somewhat lower traffic volume than Google, it works excellent for Nutra offers and other offers that might not be accepted on Google Ads. 

Another reason I went for Bing ads is its traffic type is warm traffic. 

The remarkable feature of search engine ads is the possibility of attracting an audience that could already be familiar with the product you’re promoting, making it way easier to convert to a sale. They are searching for related keywords, so they’re probably already thinking about making a purchase but need a little push.


I needed three elements to lead a successful campaign:

  • The right traffic
  • A great performing offer
  • A good landing page

Now, Facebook advertising is undoubtedly one of the best traffic there is, right? But with the many ad restrictions and banning of business managers, I knew I needed to try something else, hence the BingAds.

I reached out to my MaxWeb Affiliate Manager, Kam, on Skype (she has been super helpful with offer recommendations and approvals). I asked her for the best performing offers at the time, and she gladly told me some, like Glucafix, Steel Bite Pro, Skincell Pro. I decided to try Skincell Pro because it had the highest CPA among the offers that she sent to me – a value of $85 per sale. I asked for approval, and it was swift.

Now, I need a great landing page…

I started reaching out to people experienced in the affiliate business, and as luck would have it, I got not one but two Skincell Pro landing pages from a buddy.

I headed over to my cPanel and uploaded the script to my domain. 

Now, I have two landing pages ready for my ads.

An advantage of having two landers was the ability to A/B Split Test. I would be able to know which lander converted more so as to focus solely on that. 

For this, I used the MaxWeb SUBID feature:

It is simply your affiliate link with &subid=SOMETHING added to it. You can replace SOMETHING with any traffic source identifier of your choice to know where your conversions are coming from.

So, for mine, it was

That was the link I was going to use on my landing page 1. For landing page 2, the SUBID was Bing2. This was to let me find out which landing page would yield more sales for me so I could pause the ads on the other one and allocate my budget wisely.


Now was the time to set up my ads—the most important part. 

I’ll take you step-by-step on setting up my ads on Bing.

I started by creating two ad groups for the two landing pages in the campaign:

For the ad groups, I made certain changes to fit the demographics of people who would want to get rid of skin tags and moles, and they are:

  • AGES

Ages 18 – 34, I reduced the CPC bid by 90% so as to reduce the ad spent on that age bracket, which, according to experience/research, may not buy as much as the older age bracket.


I was trying to carve an avatar of specific types of people to view my ads when searching for my keywords. People who worked in the Sales Department, Marketing, and Research were excluded as they may probably click on my ads and visit my landing page to copy my content or to simply know more about Skincell Pro—not to buy!


Now, there are some keywords I didn’t want my ads to show up for—keywords that wouldn’t lead to the searcher bringing out their cards and making payments right away after clicking the links on my landing pages.

  • TIME

I didn't want my ads running during the time of day when people would be asleep. Better rephrased; when my target age group could be sleeping. Remember I targeted people aged 34 and above? Well, I had to work with a time setting that would fit into their schedule.


They were just two one-web pages comparing several skin tag removers then highlighting Skincell Pro as the best pick. It was honestly the best pick because it is a painless and fast method to remove skin tags, moles, and warts. Results show as quickly as 8 hours after use, so after stating these perks, including the money-back guarantee, it was easy to convert visitors to sales.

As I stated initially, I got the landing page templates from a friend who was already crushing it with Skincell Pro and uploaded them to my cPanel file manager. However, if you do not have a domain or web hosting, you can use free platforms like, to create your landing page. You do not need to go over the top with your design—something easy and straight to the point will definitely work just fine!


After setting up my ads, I let it run for about a day without getting any impression whatsoever. I believe Bing was still analyzing my creatives and all. I set a daily budget of $25, so with a $1 bid, I was expecting about 25 quality clicks in a day, but some clicks were around $1.00-$1.50, so I got slightly below 100 clicks. The ads ran for a couple of days, going on to spend $109.94 and making three conversions.

From my results, I could deduce that my Landing Page 2 (Bing2) converted more, and here’s why: With just 16 visits, I already sealed a sale with a conversion rate of 6.25% compared to Landing Page 1 (bing) with 71 visits and a sale, 2.82% conversion rate.

NOTE: As your Bing ads are running, Bing will provide certain recommendations for your ads, including keywords. You can accept or ignore them after doing self-analysis. You should also lookout for the keywords that are bringing clicks to your campaign and be ready to exclude the unwanted ones.


A lot of people often mention that BingAds is full of fake/bot traffic or Facebook is the only traffic source that converts, and I have to admit that I also had this thought. 

However, my results have made me a believer in the power of Search Engine Advertising.

With a larger budget, I could easily copy the campaigns here on Bing ads over to Google ads and give it a shot. With more traffic, sales and conversions would only increase and in a shorter time.

The devil is in the details. The secret to having a profitable Bing ads campaign and not wasting your money is testing to know what works best for a particular offer. I may have been wrong in some of my settings and would have gotten more sales, but the freedom is in your ability to test and test and test until you find the perfect settings to be able to scale up profitably.

The exciting part is the fact that a single sale on your campaign is enough to cover your ads spend, so while testing, you would hardly amass a loss compared to some offers that pay peanuts—MaxWeb’s CPAs rock!

There are also more offers that would convert more than Skincell Pro since offers are affected by seasons. You can simply reach out to your account manager, who would be more than willing to help out with that. 


Good luck with your MaxWeb offer promotions, and don’t miss out on the traffic potential when you work with the BingAds traffic source!