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EZmob DSP: How to Start with This Ad Network

Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketers are always looking for the next best dating traffic source. As long as it generates conversions, affiliates are usually open to testing a new ad format or publisher. 

What is EZmob?

EZmob is an ad network founded in 2013 that enables advertisers with direct media to buy off the world’s most well-known sites and apps through the most effective advertising formats available today. 

EZmob provides advertisers with a self-serve advertising interface that allows campaign setup and access to over 3 billion daily ad impressions worldwide. The most popular ad formats are popunders, push notifications, floating push ads, and traditional banner and native advertising ad formats. 

How to get started with EZmob DSP

  1. Register an advertiser account
  2. Fund your account (Use Capitalist, PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Credit Card, Paxum, or Wire transfer)
  3. Click the ‘manage campaigns’ button
  4. Choose which format to set up

  5. Enter the campaign details and targeting

  6. Upload your creatives

  7. Click Save

Your campaign should be live shortly after EZmob’s team’s approval; once the campaign is live, you can head over to the reporting interface and drill down into each campaign you set up. 


5 Tips to Generate Conversions with EZmob

Start slow, optimize fast.

EZmob’s minimum bid for popunders, for example, is only $0.20 CPM, which means you get 1000 popunder impressions for only 0.20 cents. With over 3 billion ad requests per day, even low bids such as this would yield traffic you can start optimizing on. 

Once your first ‘clean-up’ is done, you can raise the bid and gain validated traffic from publishers already converting for you. 


Use a conversion tracking platform.

Once you communicate your events with EZmob, you can employ one or more of their optimization tools on your campaigns. In addition, you would also be able to use EZmob’s reports to weed out non-performing placements and apps. 


Consult with the team

EZmob’s team is experienced and caring; it’s in their interest to make this campaign work for you, and they will help you with any questions you might have.  


Consult with your affiliate manager

Before even starting your campaigns, make sure from your affiliate manager what the best performing targeting setup is. Would 3G work better than WiFi? Is the offer page mobile friendly on all devices? Whatever you know as a fact that works can go into your campaign targeting and allow you a smoother start.