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How To Run A MaxWeb VSL Offer From Start to Finish on RevContent

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In this step by step guide / case study, I’m going to reveal how we run and profit from winning campaigns on native, promoting the top converting prostatitis offer from MaxWeb.

While I was spying on native traffic sources to see what verticals and offers are hot these days I saw many prostate campaigns that receive huge traffic volumes so I thought this vertical must be good.

I chose MaxWeb simply because I know that MaxWeb has the best converting VSL offers in the industry and they can help me pick the best offer for my traffic.

So here we go!

Network: Maxweb
Offer: ProstaRenew
Traffic Source: Revcontent


Picking The Right Offer To Run From Maxweb


To ensure we start with the current top converting offer, we asked our MaxWeb rep what’s doing the best right now based on their EPC and Revenue reports.


They suggested an offer called ProstaRenew and to run it in the United States. The payment on this offer is $90 per sale.


The offer page looks like this:



I also asked what traffic source they suggest for this offer and they said it’s doing great on native traffic sources especially Revcontent, so we are going to run it on Revcontent Native.

Finding Out What Angles and Creatives To Use For This Offer

The best and fastest way to find creatives and angles that are already proven to work by other affiliates, is by using spy tools.


Our go-to spying tool is Adplexity, and since we are going to run native campaigns we are going to use Adplexity Native.


To get started I fired up Adplexity, typed in broad related keywords like ‘’prostate’’, ‘’prostatitis’’ etc.



Then I set the date filter to past 30 days



And I chose the United States as my target country.


Finally I sort the ads by receiving the most traffic to see the top ads only.


I made notes of the top performers based on the most popular ones over the past 30 days, and also over the past 365 days.


Then I picked 2 of the top angles and 5 different ad images. Based on those angles and creatives I wrote my own ad texts and created unique but very similar looking ad images for myself.





After that I set up campaign tracking with Redtrack.

Tracking Campaigns With Redtrack

For tracking my campaigns I used Redtrack. THe first thing I do when it comes to tracking setup is placing my postback URL inside Maxweb.

To do this find Conversion tracking under the Tools menu inside Redtrack



And copy your Postback URL


Next go to your MaxWeb dashboard, select postback pixels and click add new



Add your postback URL, select active as postback status and purchase as the event.



Keep in mind when you copy your postback URL from Redtrack, you need to replace the {replace_me} parts with Maxweb’s parameters. 

In this case the clickid needs to be {SUBID2} and the sum needs to be {COMMISSION_AMOUNT}.

Once it’s done click save, and the next step is adding Maxweb as your Offer Source in Redtrack.

Redtrack has pre-built templates for all the major offer sources (CPA Networks) so all you have to do is find MaxWeb in the list and click add.



Then you can add your offer. Go to offers click add new, type in the offer name, select MaxWeb as offer source, add your offer link and that’s it.



Remember, your offer link must contain the correct clickID parameter, so double check it before you start. In this case it needs to be subid2={clickid}


Before you can create your tracking campaign, you need to add the traffic source as well, in this case it’s Revcontent.


Go to traffic sources, add new from template, find Revcontent and click Add.



When it’s done, you can create your tracking campaign. Go to campaigns, add new, type in a name for your campaign and select Revcontent as source, and in the funnel settings, select the offer you added before.



Then click save, and copy your tracking link from the tracking links and parameters section.



This is the URL I’m going to promote on Revcontent.


Campaign Setup and Launching PPC Ads on RevContent for Maxweb's ProstaRenew Offer

Launching the campaigns is actually the easiest part. I go to my Revcontent account and from the dashboard I click on Create a Campaign Boost.



I started with 3 campaigns, one for targeting Desktop only, one for IOS and another one for targeting Android only.


So first I created a Desktop campaign.



I started with $0.59 bid CPC and $100 per day budget, and I created a conversion pixel with a CPA of $65.


For targeting I chose the United States as my geo, but I asked MaxWeb which are to current top converting US states for this offer and they said California, Florida and New York. So based on this info I’m targeting these 3 states only.



For device targeting I select Desktop only for this campaign and I target all browsers.



The next step was uploading the ads. First I add my Redtrack campaign link as the Destination URL



Then I add the headline, brand name and upload the ad image.



With revcontent you can easily use dynamic variables such as City, State, Country etc.



I’m going to use the {STATE} variable, like this:


So if a visitor from California for example sees my ad, it will say ‘’Watch What Seniors in California Are Doing to Solve Their Prostate Issues! ’’


I started with 2 angles and 5 different ad images for testing, so in total I uploaded 10 ads per campaign.


Once my desktop campaign was launched I created 2 more campaigns targeting IOS and Android devices separately.


Optimization & Scaling Phase

I started looking at data and analyzing results after the initial budget 3x $100 was spent. 


First I wanted to see which one of my campaigns was performing the best. Remember I launched 3 campaigns, 1 for each device type.


After checking data on these campaigns I learned that the Desktop campaign was the only one that brought in sales. So I decided that I’m not going to waste any more money on IOS and Android so I stopped those campaigns and I continue with Desktop only.


Then I was looking at the ads, I was looking for the best performing headline and the top image ads to make more related ads from.



One of my ads was instantly profitable, this one:



So I created morere similar looking ads and uploaded them for testing.


Then I started analyzing the placements (Widgets).



The strategy I was using is killing placements that spent 70% of the payout, and got no conversions.


Then I was optimizing the placements further by decreasing bids on placements that don’t yield good CTR and increasing bids on the ones where conversions come from.


I repeat this step regularly to get rid of the worst placements as soon as possible.


The next step is scaling by following the data. 


I keep optimizing the placements still on the original campaign, and meanwhile I launch new whitelist campaigns for scaling.


By whitelist campaign I mean I launch new campaigns using my winning creatives, and targeting the top profitable placements only.


I launch these campaigns with a daily budget of $250 and I don’t touch the placements, just let them run and see how it goes.


I keep the original campaigns running as well and still adjust the bids on the placements to find more profitable ones. When I find new placements I create a new whitelist campaign.


For scaling even further I’m going to launch exactly the same winning campaigns with my top ads and angles on other native traffic sources such as Outbrain, MGID and Taboola.