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10 Reasons Why Over 90% of Affiliates Fail

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In the last few years, affiliate marketing has turned from a niche industry that almost nobody knows about to a worldwide phenomenon that everyone wants to become a part of. The probable reason behind this incredible jump in popularity is the so-called "super-affiliates". These are people who have managed to earn hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars through affiliate marketing.

Their lavish lifestyles, cars, homes, and paychecks inspired thousands of people to follow in their footsteps and try to become successful affiliate marketers.

However, many affiliate marketers fail to achieve their goal and instead end up wasting their time and money and returning to work on whatever they were working on before their adventure. But why is that so?

That's because affiliate marketing might be easy to learn but it is not an easy job to do. Only a very small percentage of people who start their journey as affiliates will eventually end up making a significant amount of money.

High Failure Rate Is Normal for Affiliate Marketers

There are a lot of reasons that affiliates don't manage to live up to their own expectations. Luckily, if you know what the most common issues are, you can learn how to avoid those mistakes and use that knowledge to improve upon your competition.

#1 No Previous Experience

The thing is, affiliate marketing is very different from most jobs. That's why people who have never tried it before cannot simply walk in and expect to get the results they are looking for. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn't work when it comes to this type of business.

You cannot become an affiliate marketer overnight and expect to make a living out of it. Just like any other business, this one requires time and effort before you can start seeing some sort of profit from it.

#2 Focusing on Too Many Things At Once

Another reason why people fail as affiliates is that they try to do too many things at once. There is nothing wrong with having multiple streams of income, but if you are trying to make money online with affiliate marketing, then you should probably focus on that alone until you get a good grip on everything.

It is much better for your success rate if you cut down on the amount of work you are doing and instead focus on doing just one thing well rather than getting distracted by dozens of different tasks.

#3 Not Finding The Right Niche

Another major mistake that affiliate marketers make is not finding the right niche to work with. Choosing a really popular niche, just because it has a lot of people interested in it, is never a good idea. You should always remember that if you want to make some money out of this, then you have to pick the right market.

People are not going to buy anything from you if they are not looking for what you are offering them with your website. Just take a look at Google's keyword planner. It will show how many searches there are for specific keywords and phrases per month. If something does not get enough search volume, then that product or service will most likely be hard to sell.

#4 Not Having A Clear Goal

Having a clear goal is one of the major things that many affiliate marketers lack. You cannot expect to make money if you do not know what exactly it is that you want to achieve with your website and your future business.

If your goal is to become rich, then you should probably stop reading this article and start trying to figure out how to do that. If, however, you just need some extra income or you're only starting out in the affiliate marketing business, then no matter how small your goals are, they still have to be specific so you know when it's time to move on.

#5 Failing To Optimize Your Website And Campaigns

Another thing that you should do if you want to turn your success rate around is optimize your website and campaigns. Even the simplest websites can be optimized for conversions.

Every part of your website, from the text on the landing page to the images people see when they land there, has to be focused on getting visitors to take action. If you are not doing this one properly, then no matter how much effort you put into other elements of the affiliate marketing business, you won't have much success in the long run.

#6 Not Understanding the Conversion Funnel

There is no such thing as an overnight success in affiliate marketing. You need to remember that most people don't understand what it is that they are doing. They get excited about the money-making potential of affiliate marketing and start promoting random offers instead of looking at the bigger picture.

If you want to make any real money with affiliate marketing, then you need to understand how the conversion funnel works.

If your visitors don't follow the regular conversion funnel steps, they probably won't become paying customers. You must also remember that both newbies and experienced marketers can benefit from learning more about how the conversion funnel works so check out some of the resources available online on this topic before considering investing too much time or resources into this business model.

#7 Not Using the Right Tools for Tracking and Optimization

If you want to get more from each campaign that you launch, you will need to use some tools that will help you track your earnings and optimize your work. This means that you should always keep an eye on what is going on with all of your affiliate marketing projects by using special tracking software. You can also make use of a wide range of other apps and scripts to increase your chances of success. This is one of the few areas where automated solutions can help people who are just starting out since these professionals won't need to invest any money into traffic or ad campaigns before being able to determine whether or not their efforts have been successful.

#8 Doing Everything Yourself

The biggest mistake that many people make when they start a new affiliate marketing campaign is trying to do it all by themselves. They simply don't understand the importance of a well-planned project and a team of professionals who can help you achieve success.

To be truly successful, you need to attract other marketers as partners or employees so that you can rely on their expertise for getting more from each campaign that you launch. The internet was created to help people work together to achieve something much bigger than any individual could ever hope to accomplish. If you want your business goals for this industry to become a reality, then working with other talented professionals is the best way forward – look at outsourcing as an investment in your future.

#9 Not Researching Your Audience, Customers, and Products

If you want your campaigns to be successful, then you need to understand how people think when they are in the market for a product. You also have to take time to understand exactly what people are looking for so that your product can stand out in front of your potential customers in an efficient way.

Not only should you look at the products and services in your niche but also how other affiliates are promoting them. Your audience is not dumb; if they come across two or more affiliate marketers who offer similar products or services, they will choose the one that offers the best value.

#10 Giving Up Too Early

The most common reason why most affiliate marketing campaigns fail is that people give up too early. Even if you don't have a successful campaign, there are still some strategies that might help you get more from your efforts – all you need to do is to wait for the right moment and give it another try.

Remember that every campaign has its life cycle and if things aren't going as you had planned, then it doesn't mean that you should stop trying. You can always keep working on those projects during their incubation period which will make them more likely to succeed in the future. Just remember that even experienced marketers tend to launch campaigns that are complete flops. What makes them different from other people is that they try to understand what made their campaigns fail and improve upon that in their next iteration.


As you can see, affiliate marketing is not an easy field to succeed in. It requires dedication and patience which are two of the most important aspects that every successful individual needs to learn if they want to monetize their skills or knowledge with this business model.

What would you say are the most common mistakes in the industry? How do you avoid making these mistakes and what are the important lessons beginners should learn? Share your experience in the comments below!

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