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Top Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

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Top Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

WordPress is an incredible platform for affiliates and other people who want to have a great website but don’t want to code it from the ground up. The platform is free, easy to use, and you can create high-quality products with it. Heck, there are even companies that sell WordPress sites created in mere minutes for thousands of dollars!

As most affiliates know, design is one of the most important aspects of your website. Luckily, WordPress is quite customizable in this aspect. While you can tweak the looks of your pages in fine detail, and create something uniquely yours. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all of that, or you are bad at designing things. This is where the incredible WordPress themes come in handy. 

These themes offer a predefined design that someone customized to look appealing and functional at the same time. This means that you don’t need any design, development, UI, or UX skill to have an incredible website. 

The only problem with these themes can be the price. Some of the most popular ones can cost a serious amount of money. Which is not that weird considering the knowledge and skill needed to create something like it. But for the average affiliate looking to squeeze every penny, this can be a financial burden. 


Why Does It Matter If My Website Is Well Designed?

Having a janky-looking website that loads slow and looks horrible can be a deal-breaker for a huge part of your audience. Nobody trusts a company and its products to be of decent quality if they can't manage to do a basic website right. 

Not only is it an absolute requirement to have a well-flowing and solid-looking page, but it can also be a huge advantage against your competition. Design is known to sell products. This is one of the key successes behind Apple. And you can see how well that worked out for them! For this reason, you need to have a great website to show to your audience and to help push your products. 

We all know that money can be incredibly tight for beginners in the industry. This is why we decided to help all of them out at least a bit by searching the web for some of the best FREE WordPress themes! We handpicked the best of the best and be sure you won’t regret using any of them for your current or next project!

1. Astra

Top Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

If you want an ultra-fast, fully customizable minimalistic yet modern theme for your WordPress website, Astra might be a perfect choice. This theme has a style that fits perfectly for personal blogs, business blogs, and eCommerce websites. 

This theme is very simple in design and execution, making it one of the best choices for beginners. They should get the hang of everything quickly as there are not that many major things you can change. 

One of the best things about Astra is how lightweight it is. The theme is quite simple, laid extremely fast, and has a huge color palette to pick from so that you can match your brand as closely as possible! The underlying code behind the theme is awesome as well. It is perfectly adjusted to load fast, be responsive and it works with most page builders without any issue. 

You can find more about the theme on their official Website 

2. Ocean WP

Similar to the previous entry to the list, Ocean WP is a lightweight, simple, and very expendable theme that will be the favorite of many!

This theme is one of the most optimized ones on the list. It works flawlessly with Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi, and it has an extendable codebase making it possible for you to add or expand its features and include more detailed customizations. 

It is multipurpose. So you can use it to create anything from your homepage or about us page, to your eCommerce website or portfolio. 

While Ocean WP is free to use, there is a premium (paid) version that offers some additional functions like custom page layouts, full-screen rolling, and pop-ups. 

You can find more about the theme on their official Website 

3. Neve

Making pages in Site Origin, Divi, Beaver Builder Elementor, Brizy, or Gutenberg? Well, Nivi is one of the best free WordPress themes that works perfectly with all of them!

Neve is a simple yet highly customizable theme that is growing in popularity by the day. It features a clean and minimalistic design that can fit in with most businesses and online stores with ease. Colors, fonts, styles, and backgrounds are all easily customizable through the built-in tools. And adding sliders, images, and videos is simple as well. 

Everything within Neve is organized simply and intuitively so that anyone, no matter their experience level can use it. There is a lot of well-written documentation for it as well as a dedicated support section that can help you with issues you might encounter. And of course, like every other theme on this list, it is fast and reliable no matter what!

If Neve sounds like something you could use, check it out in more detail here 

4. Ashe

Top Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

One of the best themes for blogs that dabble with photography, food, health, crafts, travel, beauty, fashion, or another more personal kind of blogs is Ashe!

This versatile theme features a stunningly simple and minimal design that is both eye-catching and relaxing to the viewer. The elegant and flowy design of it makes it a top choice for a lot of marketers as well. 

Ashe itself is very fast, refined, and features a responsive design that fits both desktop and mobile devices. It works well with most popular plugins and it offers a lot of customization and modifications of its base look and functionality. All of this is further helped by a robust implementation of WooCommerce support and solid documentation. 

If Ashe piqued your interest, you might want to check it out at its official website and start using it today! 

5. Hestia

A lot of WordPress fans know about Hestia. It is one of the most popular themes out there and it has glowing reviews all around. And there are a lot of reasons behind its popularity! 

Hestia is a modern, simple and sleek theme that focuses on speed and performance. It can be used with popular page builder plugins and it is even ready for WooCommerce out of the box. This will be a big plus for a lot of affiliates. 

It is highly flexible with its features and most of them can be improved a lot by paying for the premium version of it. The premium version is a lot better than the free one as it adds some incredible features in customization and functionality. The only problem with it is its price (which can be as much as $129 for a business page). But you can use Hestia even in its free form to accomplish some of your goals!

Learn more about Hestia by visiting their official website 


Final Words

No matter what kind of business you have or want to advertise, a website can make a huge difference in its success. When building websites for blogs or some products WordPress websites are probably the best choice you can make. WordPress is a free, easy, and reliable option which you would be mad not to utilize to its fullest. 

For this reason, knowing some of the best free WordPress themes can be a real advantage for your business. When choosing your theme, make sure it matches your style and content. For example, you don’t really want a modern-looking website if you are trying to push retro or family-oriented products. 

Adjust your choice based on what your audience expects your page to look like. If you get this right, you will surely have great success at your hands!

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