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Why Health and Fitness is a Strong Niche in 2021

Become an Affiliate

Succeeding in affiliate marketing requires a lot of things to align up perfectly. You need to have the willpower to power through rough patches, you need to be able to learn new skills and adapt to new conditions, and you need to find the right niche. The affiliate industry is gaining members rapidly, and this in turn leads to a very competitive market. No matter what you try to do, someone is already doing it and making money off of it. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and compete. If you find the right niche for you, you can carve a space out for yourself and enjoy all the popular niche benefits that a popular niche has. 

Finding the perfect niche for you and your company can be incredibly difficult. Some affiliates take years to find the right niches, and some never even find the right one. Finding the right niche isn’t about luck, it’s all about your skill and research. You need to find a niche that isn’t already overcrowded, that has a solid audience, and potential to grow. 

People need to do a bit of research and find potential niches that might suit them. You need to take into account world trends as well as your interests. If you find a great niche but have no interest in pursuing it, it’s like you didn’t find it at all. Choosing the right one takes time, but we are here to try and shorten that time by at least a bit. Today, we will talk about an evergreen niche that is on its way to skyrocket in 2021, and if you play your cards right, you can profit heavily from it!

Health And Fitness in 2021

2020 was a weird year. Most of the world experienced a massive lockdown, and many people started working from home due to those changes. This in turn leads to a lot of people sitting at home and not doing much physical activity. 

Now as the global measures are getting more and more relaxed, people are starting to leave their homes. The first thing most of them notice is that their physique is not what it used to be. Usually, active people stopped exercising, most of us picked up some unhealthy eating habits, and it all shows on our bodies. Most people gained weight, and all of them want to get rid of it and get back to their old, healthy selves. This problem is even further exacerbated by it being summer and people enjoying going to the beaches and pools. We all know that our beach body is far from ready! 

These circumstances are all impacting the health and fitness niche which is growing immensely. The usually evergreen fitness and health markets are expected to grow by a massive 50% in the next few years! This leads to a lot of potential for making some serious money!

Differentiating Fads From Trends

If you have been in the game for any period of time, you should know that fads are not something you should base your business off. These fads can make you money only if you time it perfectly. As the wise Warren Buffed said “Time in the market beats timing the market”, and the same goes here. Instead of trying to find something trendy for the next week or two, try finding long-term trends that can make you profits for longer periods. 

Imagine you invested heavily into the “fidget spinner fad” at its tail end. You would have wasted a lot of time and money on an effectively irrelevant product. This is why finding “evergreen” products are important. In the fitness and health niche, something like that could be “too good to be true” at-home equipment or exercises. Those might pick up for a few days or weeks, but sooner or later these will fall off drastically in popularity. 

Currently, the trend is switching to a more “at home” approach to everything. From healthy living, healthy diets, to home exercises. Fitness and health brands are rapidly innovating in this space and trying to adapt to the changing market. Technology is slowly seeping into all of that equipment and there will likely be a lot of cool new products on the market very soon. 

Digital Health And Fitness

As the whole world is slowly adapting to this new situation, the industry of health and fitness is becoming more digital. These digital solutions are trying to replace the gym experience by bringing the gym to your home. This is usually done through video guides, streams, and other sorts of media. There is also a rapid rise in the demand for fitness tracking apps and devices (like fitness bands and smartwatches) that can track exercises and show how well people are doing. 

The Biggest Segments Of These Niches

Health and fitness is an incredibly big niche that has become a multi-billion (some even say trillion) dollar industry. As you might realize, there is a lot of space to improve and find a space for yourself within the industry. 

This is why it can be important to know which the biggest segments of the industry are!

1. Personal Care, Beauty, and Anti-Aging

The biggest segment of the health and fitness niche is this one. Everyone (especially as they get older) wants to look young and beautiful. This is especially common for women in their late 30’s and on. These people are ready to pay incredible amounts to get a chance to look younger and feel better. For this reason, this segment makes out one-quarter of the entire profits from this niche. 

2. Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Weight Loss

With the worldwide lockdowns came a lot of issues for people. Most got a bit heavier during the lockdowns. The lack of outdoor activities, gyms, and healthy food options leads to the increased demand for healthy, nutritious meals, and weight loss programs. This segment is supposed to grow even further in the next year and maybe even contest for the number one spot!

3. Fitness & Mind

As most gyms are still closed or restricted, workouts at home have become more popular than ever. The annual growth rate is around 5% and it’s expected to be even bigger this year, and the next year. The increased mental and body health awareness is also pushing this industry segment to record highs. 

These three are the biggest segments of the Health and Fitness niche, but it’s far from the only ones. Sub-niches you should consider researching further are: 

  • Weight Loss (exercises, diets, methods)
  • Gadgets (fitness bands, heart rate monitors, activity trackers, etc)
  • Supplements and food (keto, paleo, vegan, etc)
  • Equipment (yoga, pilates, weights, cardio, etc)
  • Goal-Based Training
  • Body Health
  • Mental Wellness

Is This Niche Worth Pursuing?

Health and fitness are one of the top-performing niches around, and it’s only getting bigger! One of the biggest advantages to this niche is the vastness of its potential reach and the simple monetization of those ideas. 

No matter if you sell equipment, training videos, supplements, nutritional teaching, memberships, ebooks, or others. You should be getting on the market relatively quickly and successfully. 

Final Words

The health and fitness niche is one of the most incredible markets that you can enter in 2021. The niche has thousands of sub-niches that you can start in and call your own. Getting popularity and recognition by your customers is much easier than with other niches, as health and fitness carry some sort of positive vibe with them. 

As you might expect the competition is pretty tough, but with proper planning, researching, and approach, you can easily come out on top of everyone. Don’t be afraid to try some unorthodox marketing approaches, as they might prove fruitful in this niche. 

Help people live healthier and better lives with your small contribution! Research the health and fitness niche on your own for a bit and see where you best fit in. With this approach, you are bound to succeed at anything!

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